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I Found the Best Roulette Strategy – Squid Game VS Romanovsky

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  1. I tried playing the Romanovski system on the ETG video roullete but it told me bet not allowed? Have you guys heard of this? I also tried the other game you guys showed where you play just red or black and martingale, that one said bet not allowed also?

  2. The house allways wins in the long run because of the 0 its in there favoure. The only favoure we have is to quit while a head in the short run

  3. I play with a modified Romanovsky system.
    3 units, each, on two dozens.
    1 unit, each, on two corners in the remaining dozen.

    The remaining dozen will ALWAYS be the dozen that just hit. One of the corner bets will ALWAYS be the number that just hit.

    Example: I sit down at the table. The number that just hit is 36.
    I bet 3 units on first dozen, 3 units on second dozen, 1 unit on 36 corner, 1 unit on 25 corner (or any other corner bet in that dozen).

  4. i know you know you dont have to put all those chips on the 3rd 12, put the same amount on 3rd dozens is the same bet lol

  5. With Romanovsky, a good variation is to put one of the two corners on the last winning number incase of a repeat

  6. 😂😂😂 “What In Tarnation Is That?!?!?!?”

  7. 1dollar bet on 10 numbers and move to differnt number each time one hits

  8. love you guys, but slowly say rules first ok….cant hear you, less jokes!!!!!! with the rules….again great but say the rules

  9. played that system Dave is playing at The Plaza (single zero) Saturday night using quarter chips, hit 12 in a row and walked with $300. Left just in time, next spin was 0 lol!

  10. Austin 3 : 16 says I just whooped your ass! Oh Hell Yeah!! Chug (@8:10)

  11. I like that both are playing – shows what can happen better.

  12. Squid games for the win. Got whacked on the first two spins and still came out a winner

  13. 2 days in a row our hero was defeated and banished to the keno milking table

  14. Squid games vs goat (heavy 17, using singles)

  15. Somebody needs to make up a system now and call it "The Stone Cold Steve Austin" for us 90s kids

  16. I am the worst better … it’s official

  17. Love seeing the how the grinding system held up.

  18. Try the Holy Splits with a $5 cover for each of the 0's. That has been good to me at the casino

  19. The Best System: QUIT WHILE YOU'RE AHEAD!!!

  20. I have found that both of you guys playing at the same time, even with different color chips, muddies the water a little bit and makes it more difficult to keep track of the system. I generally try most of your strategies myself and practice but if I want to quickly go back and recall one it is much harder to quickly do that with both players

  21. My strategy is to look for “out of balance” % on odd even & red black. The e machines with actual wheel show the % of the last rolls. 50/50 is the baseline of normal. If you see either the odd even or red black at 60/40 or so bet the lower %. The wheel always evens back out as all numbers have the same probabilities. If the red is at 60% then black numbers are coming soon. Same with even odd. Downside is when the wheel is balanced at 50/50 (or close) on both red black and odd even you have to wait for one to get “out of balance” before betting. Or go to a different machine. I always scan them all to find one out of balance before I start playing. Works as good or better for me than any other system. Math says if there has been far more of one color or even odd the opposite is coming as the numbers will always “even out” in the long run. I also side bet 0 or 00 after 38 (or so) spins with no number showing.

  22. The first spin is the story of my Roulette experiences. LOL!

  23. Could you make a video explaining how to play Sic Bo?

  24. "Working from both sides you don't want them touching" oef that DP joke got me cracked

  25. Favorite single zero wheel numbers? Asking for a friend 😉

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