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I Found the Best Roulette Strategy – Squid Game VS Holy Splits

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  1. Yes David! We pay attention, and we keep coming back!

  2. For anyone who doesn't know pineapple makes it taste better

  3. Pineapple, goes great wrapped around your Christmas ham.

  4. All I know is when you put a pineapple upside down at your door you make a lot of friends

  5. This may be the best video y'all have ever done!!!

  6. She never grossed out after i started eating pineapple 🍍 if you know, you know 😏

  7. Ok after 34 yrs of being away from VEGAS, I Finally made a trip in this past NOV 2022. Yes a friend of mine invited me for the trip and we went to CALIFORINA hotel – stayed at Mainstreet due to no room at the Cal. Any way, i used a strategy i used in the past 34yrs ago at the STARDUST. I called it the block party – using 2nd dozen all 12 at 25 Units. 50 on 1st AND 3rd Dozen. – played and hits 35 to 1 on the 2nd dozen. Total play 400. That hit brought in 875 , a profit of 475. I did this 2 times on the table at the Cal , the girl was really nice a Afro American girl who was really nice i tipped her for the win 2 times, then she was replaced by a Skinny Asian male with an attitude and growled at me when i started to change my play to splits on the board down the line 3rd column – he growled out no you can't do that and then loudly proclaimed in my face in front of the other players DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY ? I JUST WON 2 TIMES ON THE TABLE OVER 875 – AND DID THIS 34YRS AGO IN VEGAS AT THE STARDUST – and this guys wants to teach me to play ?????
    GET A LIFE BUDDY – i told him cash me out , and he still remarked do you want to learn how to play -and i said no cash me out and left NO TIP FOR THIS ASSHOLE, and the rest of the people on that table left after me.

  8. My roulette system will knock the socks off these guys. I'm talking almost fainting, because it takes advantage of high odds of winning and parlaying winnings.

  9. David played holy splits incorrectly (or at least varied it from the original). There should only be 2 units on the middle colum, thus he wins 4 units if he hits a split not in the middle column. He's greatly over betting as he should only have 14 units on the table at a time

  10. Great episode all the wives are going to hate!

  11. Squidward likes bromoline in his butterscotch 🍍🍍🍍

  12. The best thing about pineapple is it lets you know who to NOT allow order the pizza.

  13. In my Italian neighborhood, pineapple will always start a fight if you use it in the same sentence as pizza

  14. Every oriental person I see I automatically assume they know KARATE 😁

  15. Never heard of bromelain. Now I looked up. Learn something new everyday.

  16. How do you play 2 colors? Or do you just stack 1 dollar chips on top of your colors?

  17. Loving all the roulette systems.. I feel like I should take it up next time I go to the casino!

  18. Hello guys, any update for the "research" on double your lost martingale? 😎

  19. As per my 3 years of experience in gambling. I would like to tell you there is no strategy or system that will make you win every bet. Putting this much money into single bet and winning huge looks very easy but just imagine if you loose 2 bets what your bankroll would be. I myself have tried also every system available over internet but in long run they will always led to huge loss over all. By far now i have understood gambling is not fun it’s an art which you can master with time and patience. No will in this world can give you any system or strategies which will be printing money. It’s just you who can do that.

    For 2 years i was in huge loss of almost 7,000,00 INR but later it gave me good lesson and helped me improving my skills. Now I don’t follow any system or strategies infact i make my own decision depending on the situation or table. It’s you can also that and trust me you won’t regret that. All you need is Analysis, Patience, Skills and most important money management. I have set my daily targets and withdrawal targets which once achieved i am done for the day. Now i am playing only 15-20 bets in a day and making around 5,000 INR in a day which mean 5 * 30 = 1,50,000 INR in a month by spending only 1-2 hour. Ofcourse i also loose some bets but by end of the day what matters is “you should be in profit”.

    Pro Tip –

    – Do the money management and set your stop loss and daily targets.

    – Never play to recover your loss it’s a trap. You’ll end up loosing more.

    – Never play with loan/borrowed money. You’ll regret it.

  20. Next system name: pineapple tapioca 🍍🍨

  21. Bromaline is what causes meat to become more tender when marinaded in pineapple.

  22. Why not just bet the 3rd dozen with the amount of the 3rd dozen you picked as numbers in the 3rd round of squid…

  23. I have a system I call "69", possibly "cheap 69" because it's a $48 buy in, & on a high win you get $69. First you Rumple 2 units each so the 3 & 36 are the only whacks aside from 0 00. Put 10 units covering 1-12, 10 units covering 13-24, & 5 units covering 25-36. Then 1 unit on 2to1 odds for the winning middle row with the Rumple. Obviously martingale if there's a loss ( 0 00 3 36 ). Would love to see a video of you guys testing it out 👍

  24. A roulette battle for best all day system?

  25. Kisi. Ko. roullete win krne ki tips and tricks chahiye toh dm me

  26. I see the most Systems now, every Single System dont work and its one of the funniest things on Youtube in Days 🙂

  27. Awesome video as always 🙂 I thought Squid game was gonna win this

  28. THE MOST animated ive ever seen david 🤣🤣

  29. So you guys run strategies all day long. What is the actual best roulette strategy you've found?

  30. I'm laughing so hard, tears are streaming! You guys crack me up. 🍍

  31. playing lightning roulette is good in online sir pls reply any one

  32. "Martingale the Pineapple" needs to be a t-shirt

  33. That's a SWEET tip that your giving out.

  34. Oh David, he talks so much and you’re not paying attention we want to watch the system. Alex is on the ball but you’re not.

  35. Soooo You guys JACKED UP HOLY SPLITS LOL… Holy Splits is supposed to be played with Only 14 units (12 alternating and 2 on the middle column) that way you win every single hit!

  36. How do you play this with bunch of people at table? Or do you only play strategies when it’s slower?

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