How to make Squid Game in Genshin Impact | Behind the Scenes [Thank you for 1 Million views!] -

How to make Squid Game in Genshin Impact | Behind the Scenes [Thank you for 1 Million views!]

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To celebrate 1 Million views on Squid Game x Genshin Impact Episode 1, here’s a behind the scenes look on how episode 1 and 2 was edited! I hope you enjoy watching this more than I enjoyed rotoscoping it, because ROTOSCOPING THIS WAS DHFKJSDF

Music remix by tnbee:

Editing Softwares used:
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop


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  1. Ебать тут стараний конечно…

  2. SO COOLL!!

  3. Shout out to the editor! This is really awesome i hope mihoyo notice you :')

  4. damn the editing is unreal, this is awesome and i hope you get more and more views and have alot of fun doing this <3

  5. The amount of takes this must have taken

    We don't deserve such dedication and hardwork

  6. This is really good editing wth! 😭😭😭

  7. Dang you’re so underrated! All of this work and only 40k subscribers ?!

  8. The way I imagined things were done were slightly different but not by much I guess. Very impressive work.

  9. AKA a lot of editing holy carbon

    that must take a while im super excited for episode 4 😀

  10. Amazing editing!!! Also amazing directing ❤ You worked so hard thank you so much

  11. It’s just very very good editing
    Wish I had that skill 🙁


    i still like being late

  13. who else is talking about the music remix

  14. This is very creative and a lot of work 🙌👏👏 , you should post it on other social media too

  15. sobbing this is so cool…. waa the effort thats put in to make such amazing videos

  16. The amount of rotoscopy you had to do for this 😂😂 hope you still have your sanity after this 😂

  17. Hear me out mihoyo
    MORE 👏🏻THAN👏🏻 4 👏🏻PLAYERS 👏🏻MODE👏🏻

  18. watching from tuonto's stream, WTF, the EFFORT! im impressed!

  19. I stan the level of hard work and dedication. ✊🧡

  20. Ohhhh so you have you and your friends act it out and animate it thats pretty smart i will not lie 🙂

  21. This is rlly cool I love watching these!


  23. OMG I love it! What program do you use to trim a video and insert it into another video?

  24. I love how the edits are timed with the music, like how the shapes appear with the beat and kaeya catches his coin at the ping! 0:40
    thanks for showing us behind the scenes, really love your videos and the amount of work that goes into them!

  25. I learned something new today. Thank you very much. Greetings from Guatemala.

  26. It is the power of editing, people! Damn you're really good at it, too!

  27. The amounts efforts and harfwork is very nice 💯

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