How to *Easily* get the NEW Huge Pineapple Cat in Pet Simulator X | Roblox -

How to *Easily* get the NEW Huge Pineapple Cat in Pet Simulator X | Roblox

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In this video, I will teach you how to get the HUGE Pineapple Cat for Free! If this helped you out let me know by leaving a like subscribing, and maybe a super thanks if you’re feeling generous 🙂 thank you in advance!

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Pet Simulator X Details

💰 Collect coins to buy hundreds of eggs!
🥚 Hatch LEGENDARY pets like a Dragon or Unicorn!
🗺️ Unlock new worlds like the floating islands!
🔄 Collect and trade pets with other players!
✨ ENCHANT and UPGRADE pets or fuse them together!
😎 Collect HUNDREDS of unique pets!

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  1. “How to easily scare me when not expecting a notification”

  2. Hey LT I have a question. Why did you unfriend me?

  3. I watcged this video in 31 secondbutittookamoment to write so its late

  4. I wasn't expecting a video at 1:20AM lol, but glad to see you back Comrade 🫡

  5. Yeah I do not have enough Robux for those gamepasses 😭

  6. he says easy way or f2p players but later recommends gps so how much does this effect the amount of time

  7. Im a newcomer to your content and im liking it so far

  8. sry i havent been watching streams ive been busy but love the vids keep it up 🙂

  9. Sorry for being late. I was asleep but woke up and saw the notification.

  10. The magic eggs game pass isn’t that good, I have octuple and auto and if you just sit on a normal egg you can get it’s mastery to 99 and then you have a chance to get go,d and you quite often do, same with gold mastery 99 only gold eggs get you rainbow sometimes

  11. Btw if you want to save time but spend more popsicle coins, buy the triple eggs gamepass. And after that if you want to hatch more at a time buy the octuple eggs gamepass.

  12. Can I have huge LTkrazy big fan user:thor12233434

  13. i hatched 6k egg with 50x but i still don't have huge

  14. Bro how much where you afk on the dog chest

  15. Im gonna break ftp and get triple then octuple hatch just for the huge

  16. I love ur vids and keep up the awesome work natiquse if u want to give me a huge

  17. Yo Lt… its been so long since ive played psx.. all the huges are now worth wayyy more gems and i blame that on the diamond mine update. My rap is now 10T when it was 3.9t

  18. Put some strong pets in daycare as often as possible. They give more coins than grinding the chest

  19. Hey, can you do a video on the treasure hunt event?

  20. My username is LoveBolty212 and I have never gotten any thing through the mailbox

  21. can you please help me out? i got scammed of my 15b gems and now i have none left but i also dont wanna seem like a beggar. anways if you do decide you wanna help me my username is awsomemandj

  22. The daycare is never talked about. You should definitely put pets in the daycare if you want a lot of popsicles but to get like a lot to it’s advantage you need to have good pets especially royalty echantment pets on strong pets. I get either one billion or a bit more popsicles everytime I use the daycare. I also get 300 billion or more cartoon coins everytime I use the daycare so I think to my advantage it is VERY useful🙂


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