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Hogwarts Legacy Pt. 12 Toast & Squid, Scrope’s Last Hope, Dugbogs

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Hogwarts Legacy Pt. 12: Goblin camp, sending Arn’s supply carts back, killing Dugbogs, returning to Arn, searching for Scrope’s secret notes, meeting with Scrope, Scrope tells me where to get the pages and talks about the Black Family Ring, bringing the Toast to the Squid, getting Apollonia Black’s Journal, meeting Richard Jackdaw

New Characters: Apollonia Black, Richard Jackdaw

Spells/Charms: N/A

Field Guide Pages: N/A

Main Quests: Scrope’s Last Hope

Side Quests: Carted Away, Ghost Of Our Love

Merlin Trials: 1

House Tokens/Daedalian Keys: N/A

Summary: 00:00
Video Start: 02:27

(walkthrough, long play, lets play, reaction, commentary, stream, livestream, ps5, Harry Potter)

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  1. Great content. I can’t wait for the ending.

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