Hilarious Christmas Fun in Squid Smack VR! #vr #oculusquest2 #gorillatag #funny #metaquest2 - squidgame.quest

Hilarious Christmas Fun in Squid Smack VR! #vr #oculusquest2 #gorillatag #funny #metaquest2

Squid Smack
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Some smacking fun times in Squid Smack VR Free Quest game on app lab!

Download the Free game on App Lab for Quest!

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An Early Access Quest VR social game available FREE on App Lab and SideQuest.

Swim like you are in water with your hands with our unique locomotion as a squid in this multiplayer underwater exploration. Ink, Smack other squids with your smack ability to send them flying across the map, Cloak to surfaces, and paddle your way through the main aquarium or find your way to the shipwreck. Watch out for strong currents and other squids who might be tempted to use their smacking abilities on you! Oh… And Don’t get Eaten…

Created by 2 people, a husband and wife team, we wanted to create a fun, underwater world for people to come together and play around in. We released this Early Access so the community can give input and we can design features based on suggestions. Join our discord to participate!


We’ll keep adding features, maps, and treasures to find as you explore with other players.

If you want to support us as we grow you can join our patreon or purchase in game currency for cosmetics.


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