Grimbeard - ...Iru! (PS) - Review -

Grimbeard – …Iru! (PS) – Review

Grim Beard
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A dark ritual takes place at a Japanese High school and someones been in my home.
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00:00 – Intro
01:41 – History
04:58 – Story
18:51 – Spoiler Break
19:11 – Spoilers
53:05 – End of Spoilers
55:32 – Gameplay
01:01:58 – Sight/Sound
01:09:33 – Conclusion
01:13:18 – Credits
01:19:47 – End


  1. Grim you are the (anti)god of pure gothy-retro-satirical-stylish-youtube-reviews , your content just gives me life , as a fellow introvert your channel is safe haven for me 😍😍

  2. Non-euclidean geometry is pretty much MOST common geometry. A sphere? That's non-euclidean. You? That's non-euclidean. Euclidean geometry is when you put stuff on a flat plane. Think 2D stuff. Basically…..non-euclidean geometry is pretty much everything 3D…aka…it's…completely normal…and Lovecraft was just kinda uneducated and y'know…racist. lol

  3. Cannot believe I never heard of this game, sounds like instant classic man

  4. JC Pugton is easy to follow but this new guy that talks about "bowser insurrections"……. IDK

  5. One day I will be the parapug goth gamers unite

  6. I am convinced your unsubscribing people here Grim…its the only reason i can think of as to why you dont have more

  7. I actually love the outside the review skit segments.

  8. Have you tried Cruelty Squad. It's a really good immersive sim inspired by mario 64 and feels like deus ex meets hitman in a cyberpunk world steeped in shitpost and dread. Every bit of it is well crafted.

  9. I actually stumbled across this game a few months ago when looking for translation patches on a ROM site. I'm pretty sure the only reason I downloaded and played it was that I found the cover art kind of intriguing and it had both ellipses AND an exclamation mark in the title.

    They didn't treat us to that sort of stuff in the western market.

  10. Absolutely loved the cop segment at the end!

  11. I just wanted to let you know how much it means to me that you continue to say my horribly garish and easily mispronounceable name at the end of all of your videos. As someone that subscribed near the beginning of your YouTube journey, back when you had a cool little diary backstory, I've watched you grow into a really strong and capable artist, without ever having to dumb down or water down your amazing humor or "sell out."

  12. Really found this vid funnier than previous ones 😂

  13. Finding this channel made this year better for me

  14. 0:44 SponsorBlock is awesome! But whoever automatically skips fillers and then misses out on the jokes or context has only themself to blame.
    It's great for skipping empty parts, endcards, intros, ads…

  15. It's time for another checkup at Algo's Rhythms. Get bucked or be chucked.

  16. I really enjoy your weird videos of weird videogames. 🤟

  17. I'm pretty sure JC Denton would know about 9/11 considering the twin towers are missing from New York in Deus Ex…

  18. i’ve never hit subscribe so quickly before

  19. The super quick cuts to "he's/she's dead…" had me cracking up XD

  20. I always watch you videos on my morning commute. For some reason it's very pleasant to listen to you in the morning.

  21. I dont like skits from youtube videos in general(some RLM ones run a bit too long and are unfunny to me, and ive followed them for more than a decade) but i enjoy your opening skits, especially the ones with Chad/Para-Pug

    The more i also watch your videos, it gives me an idea where MandaloreGaming took a few cues which got him his signature style now.

  22. 💘💘💘😎💀👻👍 16:01 Wtf is that painting on the wall? Also, sorry to report that filthy Ytube, slimy Ytube, only had ads at start & finish. (So I restarted a few times to get at least some ad revenue.) Please tell me you didn't choose to NOT monetize this work of art? The balance of the mixing in of the Parapug stuff feels really good, always a delight to see him/them.

  23. I'm so sorry I'm late grim my lady got sick and took over the tv so I couldn't watch until now, so I'll watch it twice back to back to make up for it!

  24. I could spend an entire day listenin to Grim talk to the dog. No joke.

  25. I will send you a human hand if you can get some parapugs to market.

    And where the hell have I been to not know how chad merged with Parapug? I’ve seen everything! I Pay for this content! What happened!?

  26. I’m pretty sure you’re just my younger brothers alter ego

  27. I just watch for the Parapug and Chad segments. Not really but your bizarre creations are appreciated even though I do miss the closet demon.

  28. Love the Troll 2 reference, keep up the great work Good Sir.

  29. It’s crazy when you put blood sweat and other fluids into these videos only for most comments to address one part of the whole show, like that one time you revealed your big toe and it sent shockwaves so deep it penetrated North Korea’s borders

  30. Neo FromtheWarnerBrothersiconicfilmfranchiseTheMatr says:

    The fucking phone segments always kill me lmao.

    Edit: I dig that "There Will Be Blood" reference too… ended up watching that again a couple days after I first watched this video. COINCIDENCE??

  31. I only like the PS1 survival horror games made by Capcom, Square and Konami you can add Fear Effect to the list too but i'm not sure it counts as survival horror. Others look very bland, especially i hate the character models like in Clock Tower and this game. Their pre-rendered backgrounds lack detail. I don't dislike those games bcs they are old, it's bcs i find their art style very boring.There was another obscure PS1 game i think you reviewed before. Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn. The design of that game is very similar to survival horrors eventhough it's not, i liked the art style of that game too, it wasn't as good as RE2-3 or Parasite Eve2 but it was still pretty good

  32. When i saw the thumbnail i thought this was anime Family Guy idk why lmao

  33. I wish you'd put something like a talking cyber dog or so in your videos. It would really add to the experience.

  34. 9:30 FF8 was pretty curse-y. No fucks, but quite a few bitches, bastards, damns and I think shits. It took me by surprise at the time, older FFs resorted to "!?*%".

  35. I always watch the whole video the GRIM LORE is some of my favorite parts. Thanks for making videos I always enjoy them.

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