Getting Kidnapped By SQUID GAME Workers In Blades And Sorcery Mods! -

Getting Kidnapped By SQUID GAME Workers In Blades And Sorcery Mods!

Walk The Plank
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Today i get kidnapped and have the play the terrifying squid game against colossal titans!!…LEGO!!

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Terrifying SQUID GAME In Blades And Sorcery Mods!

#virtualreality #sandboxgames #VR

Please watch: “Demon Batman Uses Tazer Batarang On Banes Face! In Blades And Sorcery mods!!”


  1. Hey walk the plank keep up the good vids i love them

  2. It's 6 in the morning and I'm still awake

  3. Oh BTW call the shotgun knife thing from hard bullet the frank illuminator

  4. What happened to the gta police vids I used to watch them like 4 years ago but I can’t find them

  5. I hope you get 1000,0000,0000,0000,0000 subscribe and like

  6. That small squid game guards can hurt you more than the titan Hahaha lol

  7. Titans have no match on hulk's hands, They keep flying away Haha lol

  8. There's a new multiplayer mod for boneworks, can you and ctop and Simply Chris play it together, please.

  9. When you said Arkham asylum you couldn in do blackgate in batman and love your vids

  10. No one can beat plank not even colossel titan can plank just beats him up with hulk fists😆

  11. Plank you should continue the vr horror asylum game, or please atleast do some horror games around halloween. Not many people do halloween and it's nice to see some people atleast in the mood of it

  12. Funny thing is the only way to stop a Titan is the spices in the back the neck

  13. Spuntini why would you attack every manager Titans Nate that you're slicing is a good guy

  14. But when walk the plank won he was sued and sent to jail

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