Games of Squid Game - All "Squid Game" games in order -

Games of Squid Game – All “Squid Game” games in order

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All Squid Game games in order. ⚠ Warning! Spoiler Alert! ⚠
Watch Korean version here:
Watch Squid Game in 30 seconds here:

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  1. 딱지치기 어릴때부터 많이 해가지고 공유 돈 다 털어먹기 쌉가능

  2. It’s hilarious how this is perfectly within YTs terms but if you post something positive about the 45th president, it is deleted.

  3. i cried so hard when i saw 456’s partner was killed😭😭 I HAVEN’T EVEN WATCHED THE SHOW AND THAT MADE ME CRY SO BAD HE WAS JUST AN OLD MAN I KNOW IT’S ACTING BUT STILL

  4. The only scene I cried on
    Is the marble scene.
    It gets so emotional though 😥💔
    But my fav character is frontman he's such a daddy tho… ❤️

  5. I cannot believe people actually watch this in English dub 😭 it sounds so weird

  6. What makes this even sadder, is it goes to show money isn’t everything. Not if it’s worth suffering death! Money, when worshipped as a god, is a cancer on this world; Ik all people irl go through financial instability & economic crises, but this just isn’t worth it. Imagine there was something like these 6 games irl & you end up being the unlucky one. All for the privilege of earning worldly wealth too!

  7. If I had umbrella, I would say oh, my God😅

  8. I will literally loose at glass bridge and marbles 75% chance

  9. The one that I hate the most that I would be so scared would be glass bridge

  10. The easiest game is green light red light how did they died also the sugar honey game is easy probably the circle

  11. I feel like i would loose the glass bridges ngl-

  12. They keep multiplying after showing almost all of them being shot , but their numbers stay the same after each game stupid show

  13. all players when all try to get out AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH DED

  14. 😱😱😭😭👴 pobresito abuelito

  15. The fact how the old guy survives cause he is the reason of squid game

  16. I’m 077 I died at red light green light

  17. Why does the squid James kill everyone the squid games are not going to kill them if that's in real life I just know I don't know what I said so I just got squid games I felt squid games was not to stop doing that because squid games kills everyone cuz I don't know why it's good games kill everyone that's not fair

  18. The two ways to win: be the main character or be the cameraman

  19. honestly, this is way too cringe to watch in dubbed english

    Guess for our Murica fans who are unable to understand more than 1 language

  20. 7:46 Yeah I mean Saw is more understandable to the Title.

  21. He looks kinda like the Korean John wick 😂😂😂 great film👐

  22. So.. 455 people were killed without getting a single penny. That’s pretty sad

  23. 0:40 they lied. Not everyone would be expected to participate in 6 games.. just some of them

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