Game Scoop! 683: Daemon's Favorite Stuff of 2022 So Far -

Game Scoop! 683: Daemon’s Favorite Stuff of 2022 So Far

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Welcome back to IGN Game Scoop!, the ONLY video game podcast! This week your Omega Cops — Daemon Hatfield, Sam Claiborn, Justin Davis, and Nicholas Limon — are discussing their favorite games, movies, and TV shows of the year so far. That means Elden Ring, Tunic, Better Call Saul, TMNT Shredder’s Revenge, Triangle Strategy, and so much more. They also flip through the July 2011 issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine. And, of course, they play Video Game 20 Questions.

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  1. You guys are great, but I will not condone any "The Boys" slander.

  2. I binged the Ms Marvel show and loved it, has read the comics of hers for a lil bit and it definitely hit the right notes for me.
    Strange was a difficult watch and I'm not sure I liked it overall what with the treatment of certain characters and their story. Eternals was…fine..
    My major issue is everything ends with a hint of this all tying together but no actual sense of it doing so…I think we need a avenger film to draw the disparate new elements together

  3. Shows and movies are an utter waste of time and that's all I'm forced to do most of time when these non gamers (family) are awake lol

  4. Hell yeah !! Metal Gear Solid 5 in 2022 !! That game will hold up forever !

  5. I re watched all the MCU movies this year and it stands out how much the earlier films worked on their own. We all knew Thanos and infinity war were coming but each movie was still pretty much standalone in continuing its own story. Phase 4 has been all over the place and each movie suffers from continuing too many threads like Multiverse of Madness. I don't think many people watching know what Secrete Wars or who Kang is and Marvel hasn't made it clear thats where its going.

  6. Agreed about TMNT I can't play games like that and if I donirs not for long… imo that game is criminally overhyped and overrated and the hype is finally dying down.

  7. I've attended Oz Comic-con, and I'm sure it pales in comparison to SDCC but nonetheless it's pretty much gotten back to what it was pre pandemic – I find people have gotten eager to attend events and flock to things.
    The mention of Qore got me thinking of the different exclusive programming to PSN & XBLA and how it's completely gone now – I'd guess it wasn't viable to make exclusive shows for either

  8. DRIVE ANGRY friggin' rules! Fast cars, Nic Cage, guns, gore, William Fichtner being a badass. Silly fun…

  9. I am disturbed that Daemon is on the left, and they decided to mix the sound so that he can be heard primarily on the right speaker, total unbalanced also.

  10. Scoop! for me, the best game this year for till is horizon fw. Its amazing

  11. Does the name of the game rhyme with schmitschman?

  12. I love knowing other people make random Simpsons references like I do. I said, “which was the style at the time” at the same time as Daemon.

  13. I want Crimson Desert, Project Awakening, Plan 8 and Deep Down. Those are my most anticipated that probably will not come out

  14. I’m excited to hear Sam’s thoughts on Thor. I actually ended up really enjoying it – and Sweet Child O Mine has been stuck in my head since! Speaking of great songs, thanks for the treat at the end of the podcast episode Daemon!

  15. Wonder Labyrinth: Record of Lodoss War is a great pixelated castlevania type game. I really enjoyed playing it, got it on gamepass.

  16. fix the site ……. i have to download here

  17. It's always funny to look into the eyes of the 20 questions vets while rookies struggle. They're nice about it but you can just taste the "I been doing this shit every week for like 5 years just trust me you're way off base here"

  18. if you just watch the first and last episode of Ms Marvel its a good time

  19. Bioshock Infinite is by far my favorite game of that issue

  20. Some of you guys obviously have comic book movie fatigue but as a life long comic book fan I still eat it all up. I'm never going to tire of watching them until they all start to suck which none of the MCU stuff has been for me so far. I think they range from good to great IMO.

  21. Lolol i love so much how Damon answered the final question in VG20Q 😂😂😂

  22. Nick needs a microphone and a quiet keyboard. So annoying.

  23. To answer Sam's question –
    Platinum Games has a lot of former staff and devs (Mikami, Inaba, and Kamiya) from Clover 🍀

  24. The brightside to Lego Dimensions over other toy-based video games (for me) is that I LOVE minifigs.
    So it was half a waste of my money and half a collection of awesome mini-figs I have now.
    Like BA Baracus, Finn the Human, Stay Puft, etc.

  25. I really enjoy Nick, would be happy if he became a regular panelist for Game Scoop. 👍👍

  26. Power wash simulator for game of the year!

  27. Drive Angry is the best nic cage movie ever made.

  28. Can’t wait! For the 100 questions 🔥🔥

  29. Someone needs to learn about silent switches for their keyboard 😬😬😬

  30. Lord of the Rings The Third Age was the turned based rpg and its great.

  31. What people have to realize is The MCU will never be what it was without the original avengers. It will never have the feel it once had because you don’t have Ironman and Cap running around.

  32. Please please please make sure the guests have adequate mics/suppression software. Hard to hear the content over the echo or the click clack of that keyboard!

  33. I don't know why people like those zero Dawn games so much they just are the run of the mill open world game second one was the same as the first one

  34. 31:32 did an IGN employee really say they don’t remember PSN going down?😂 maybe he was joking and it went over my head but if not then yikes…

  35. Can't wait to play Callisto Protocol and Spider-man on Steam Deck! 🤟

  36. So funny that Justin can’t even say Colin’s name like he’s some blacklisted member of IGN. Literally can see him cut himself off to say Playstation team.

  37. I’m replaying the entire God of War series on PS3/PS5 in anticipation of Ragnarok. I’ve already played 1,2 and now I’m on Chains of Olympus. The old games still hold up, even today. And I’m looking forward to finally trying Ascension for the first time, even though it’s seems to be the black sheep of the franchise.

  38. You don't like the boys but like Mz Marvel and star trek hmmmm why do I watch this show.

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