From Season 2 Recap and Panel DEEP DIVE and Breakdown -

From Season 2 Recap and Panel DEEP DIVE and Breakdown

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Thank you for checking out our From Season 2 Recap and Panel with @TeflonTV, @EmansReviews, and more!

In this panel, we discuss that MIND BLOWING ending, The shocking twists, and our hopes and expectations for Season 3.


FROM unravels the mystery of a nightmarish town in middle America that traps all those who enter. As the unwilling residents fight to keep a sense of normalcy and search for a way out, they must also survive the threats of the surrounding forest; including the terrifying creatures that come out when the sun goes down.

The series stars Harold Perrineau (Lost) leading an ensemble cast that includes Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, The Affair), Eion Bailey (Band of Brothers, Once Upon a Time), Hannah Cheramy (Under Wraps, Van Helsing), Simon Webster (Strays), Ricky He (The Good Doctor), Chloe Van Landschoot (Charity, Skin), Corteon Moore (Utopia Falls), Pegah Ghafoori (The Perfect Wedding), David Alpay (Castle Rock), Elizabeth Saunders (Clarice), Elizabeth Moy and Avery Konrad (Honor Society). New series regulars joining Season 2 include Scott McCord (East of Middle West), Nathan D. Simmons (Diggstown, This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Kaelen Ohm (Hit & Run, Eumenides Falls), Angela Moore (A Series of Unfortunate Events, Maid), AJ Simmons (Reacher) and Deborah Grover (My Next Door Nightmare, Jann).

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FROM is created and executive produced by John Griffin (Crater), directed and executive produced by Jack Bender (Lost, Game of Thrones, Mr. Mercedes), and executive produced by Showrunner Jeff Pinkner (Fringe, Alias, Lost). FROM is a co-production between MGMPlus Studios and MGM International Television Productions. Alongside Pinkner, Griffin and Bender, serving as executive producers are Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, Scott Rosenberg from Midnight Radio, Anthony and Joe Russo and Mike Larocca from AGBO and Lindsay Dunn. Midnight Radio’s Adrienne Erickson serves as co-executive producer. The series is internationally distributed by Paramount Global Content Distribution.

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  1. Hey I know u said u we’re going to rewatch season 1 . One thing I just notice or worth mentioning; in 1 eps 4 Father Khatri mentions psalm 23 when he is arguing with Boyd . And in episode 2 eps 10 Tillie is praying and she is saying a verse from psalms 23:4. I’m sure that’s not a coincidence.

  2. Ok idk if it's me but where Tabitha is in the light house on top looking at the trees There's reflections of the trees. One of the reflections looks like a trail. Like a street and trees. U think that's the portal and when she gets to that part of the window the boy spooks her and pushes her thru that part. What do you think ?

  3. I feel that both seasons having a tight 10 episode spread with the average length of episodes under 50 minutes isn’t long enough,
    With 10 episodes, each one should be roughly 55 minutes, or if it was 13, then 44 minutes each.

    It might not sound a lot, but with other TV series I’ve watched, that extra 10 minutes in an episode makes a massive difference to the enjoyment ..

    Too many episodes can be an issue too though, I’ve seen some series with 20 – 24 episodes and the story progresses too slowly with a lot of filler episodes that are not needed.

    So in future seasons I think they should look at this & try to improve on it ..

  4. I enjoyed seeing you collaborate with other YouTubers continue the good work!!!!

  5. There is so many little details that makes you thing about things.. tab being out in the real world, potentially, is she really out? It seemed Randall had seen something? A vision? Same with julie, season 3 will be make or break in my opinion,

  6. Some folks just like to complain. Great finale! One of the things WE LEARNED is death in Fromville takes the characters to a new place.

  7. Great panel! The boy is white said "this is the only way" but he did look menacing to me when he pushed her.

  8. Do you guys watch Yellowjackets too?

  9. Huh honestly I really think it is extremely amazing I love it alot very incredible character on the episode was great ever huh honestly I really like it is unbelievable and I really think it is the best ever nice bro 🍝

  10. I look forward to watching you each week after I watch the show “From”. Great recap today and keep up the good work.

  11. What if Victor couldn't see the boy in white anymore because he grew up? Victor said he hasnt see him in a long time he told Ethan to tell him Victor said hi. And Ethan seeing the boy in white allowed victor to see him again? Like a catalyst?

  12. I thought it was pretty obvious that it was talking about touching Boyd, and that was the entity who threw the rope down, and probably all psychological. The music was playing and gave instructions

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