Fortnite Season 2 Still SUCKS! | Xbox Girl -

Fortnite Season 2 Still SUCKS! | Xbox Girl

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Everyone is talking about Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 2 Battle Pass skins – and we are pretty excited to check them out! Will they disappoint? Maybe! But we’re still psyched and ready to dive into the new seasonal theme Myths & Mortals (aka Greek Mythology)! There will be God of War, Zeus, Medusa, Aphrodite, a Golden Apple and even the introduction of a flying ability! Bring on the new skins, baby! PLUS Pandora’s Box will make a big change to zero build mode! Will Couch Guy survive the fierce competition from all these baby Zoomers who don’t even know who the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are?! Not likely, but hopefully with the help of Xbox Girl – he can have some fun in the pursuit of gamer-guy happiness! However, things take a dark turn when Fortnite Girl begins to reveal her quest for WORLD DOMINATION! She already has questionable rip-offs of games like Mario Kart, Dead by Daylight, Rockband and Minecraft. And with additions like COD Zombies, Survivor and Squid Games – she is really looking to own it all! How far will she go?!! Enjoy the latest video from Reckless Comedy to find out! And don’t forget to check out our other episodes starring PlayStation Girl and Switch Girl!

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Jessica Lynn Parsons – @jessicalynnparsons (IG)
Matthew Grondin – @mattygron (IG)
Nicole Mattox – @nicolemattox_ (IG)

Written by Kyle More – (IG)
Produced by Matthew Grondin
Edited by Chris Greski
Camera by Juan Rodriguez
Created by Lindsey Reckis – @lindseyreckis

00:00 Fortnite + TMNT
00:54 Welcome Fortnite Girl!
01:20 Season 2 Greek Mythology
01:45 Fortnite’s New Skin!
02:08 Fortnite steals ALL the games!
02:24 Are Consoles becoming extinct?!
02:50 Roblox VS Fortnite
03:15 Fortnite becomes a SUPER EVIL MEGA CONGLOMERATE!!!
04:10 Pandora’s Box is Now Open!
04:25 Jess + Nicole

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  1. It’s absolutely fucking crazy that you subliminally scream “I’m a Sony pony”

  2. Fortnite doesn't need to worry about that plan getting out, as Couch Guy only heard what he wanted to hear.

    And that was "turtle van!"

    Thanks to everyone involved for another entertaining video. 😁

  3. Burn fortnite in a ditch. The game not the girl. She’s cute.

  4. Imagine thinking you're a fan of Greek mythology and not being afraid of Pandora's box.

  5. Ok, Fortnite girl is super cute😍and the cow outfit is adds to that🥰

  6. This season made me quit Fortnite forever its getting more expensive

  7. I like fornite but to me its better long hours of apex than f

  8. Hey what’s the blue thingy wrapped around the cow costume? Thats definitely just some cow related thing, right Reckless Comedy? …Reckless Comedy??

  9. guy unfazed by the scary things in his life

  10. This settles it FortNite Girl is my second favorite on this channel

  11. This is my first time on your channel and I love this video and I'll watch more.

  12. Couch Guy is correct; looking for a job is a full time job. Last time I was unemployed, I spent 8 months looking. 😓

  13. That one was so hilarious, great chemistry between those two!

  14. fortnight, never have never will!
    Thats not true I played it once on my nephews console but never again.
    Enjoy your crappy game peasants!

  15. Fortnite never captivated me ever just not my type of game

  16. Fortnite is not really my bottle of whiskey, but I love Fortnite Girl, though (even though she sounded like a maniacal girl)🥰❤️💙.

    I also don't bash others who play Fortnite. We all have our game preferences 😊.

    Please give us OG XBOX Girl, PC Girl, and Modded Xbox Girl as well 😁.

  17. Like, I knew No Build was easy mode. But damn guys, you didn't have to put me on millennial blast like that.

  18. And for this Unreal Tournament died. Still pissed.

  19. Can’t wait to Duke Nukem in Fortnite shooting Teletubbies, or Jason Voorhees slashing & stabbing Indiana Jones.

  20. Is Fortnite going to make consoles obsolete?! ⬇⬇

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