Film Theory: Could Squid Game Be LEGAL? (오징어 게임) -

Film Theory: Could Squid Game Be LEGAL? (오징어 게임)

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The legality of Squid Game may seem like an easy question to answer. These people signed away their rights, right? Well Loyal Theorists, it is NOT that simple. Today we are going to figure out once and for all if the people behind Squid Game are BREAKING any laws or if they have outsmarted the system!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick, and AbsolutePixel
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  1. What if it’s a man mad island that they then made their own country

  2. I understand. Assassination is moral and ethical against world leaders…

  3. At 7:32 I’m guessing the battle royal is a mr beast reference where he misspelled Royale or I could be completely wrong idk

  4. the "dislike" is really annoying… Its like… they took something that we kinda need to know

  5. He actually tried to inform authoraties, just saying.

  6. Hey matpat I might be a bit late but! There is a film murder drones (pilot) and I have seen some theorys and if you could do some theorys (you don't have to) about this it would be amazing! And like I said you don't have to.

  7. ”could squid game be legal?”

    Please matpat. 😀 Don’t tell me your planning something

  8. Hey I have a theory I don’t think is Confirmed in either the anime or the manga of demon slayer what if the demons are not anything supernatural but a disease or parasite and if so what kind I just thought this was interesting

  9. I need You to do a learning with pibby I just need more content of it

  10. I just love it when the notification pops up "someone liked your comment and you got a new subscribe" it makes me so happy 🏝️📷 .

  11. When rage uploads EVERYONES DAY INSTANTLY GET BETTER ❤️.

  12. I'm scared to wonder what his search history is like…

  13. Speaking of jeff … could you host squid games in space? How would space rules apply to make this work? Lol

  14. Squid game would be illegal 🚫 but it's not real the people who die don't die it's fake

  15. It happens in real life(but not dumb as in the tv show) and it could be legal again

  16. Why is Stupes one of the people since like 1 year?

  17. To answer your question yes Nautcal miles are different from miles or statue miles. A nautical mile takes into account the curvature of the earth so its actually 6000 feet while statue miles are 5280. A nautical mile is 1.15 times longer. So 200 x 1.15=230
    Ships and pilots usually use nautical miles and Knots for speed

  18. I would have thought China would host the games on one of there islands.


  20. I don't know much about laws but what about the story about doing something illegal in international waters like what you see on TV does that apply to this because from what i've seen in some episode(spoiler) a Chinese boat was smuggling human organs at night and what if it's not a private island in south korea but in north korea?

  21. I thought of a theory for miss peregrines home for peculiar children and Edward Scissorhands, both by Tim burton
    There could be a different timeline where the building burnt down and she didn't create the loop
    I think he sculpted the garden sculptures in the children's home.

  22. Great Video! Love your content! Can you please do a theory on who the Sctranton Strangler from The Office.

  23. this is also a dump on the Travis Scott concerts. Just cuz u consented to be there doesn't mean what happened there was legal.

  24. Reddit is destroying this video right now

  25. Jeffrey epsteins island enters in the chat😏😏

  26. I have no proof for this but what if doctor strange's version of magic martial arts is an offshoot of Shang chi's version of magic and martial arts.

  27. "You can't get caught doing illegal things if you're dead" – old man

  28. Could you please check out sobog, I think there may be something interesting

  29. World super powers gotta stop acting like they own everything.

  30. In Ninjago,how powerful are the turtles exactly? I mean,aren't their shells heavy? Unless that chemical they bathed in made their shells lighter…

  31. If it was legal most of them wouldn't even do it. They wouldn't see the thrill in it. Atleast not at the capacity reflected by today's death game movies.

  32. bruh murder is still illegal, even if the person allows it.

  33. cool)) I also decided to have fun with a doll from the squid game on my channel😃

  34. is it just me or has your voice never changed in years 🙂

  35. 'legal' is never the measurement by which I gauge the morality of a thing. Nope. Never.

  36. Movie theory idea: what properties do you need to become the host of a venom

  37. I don’t have money but the Theory Wear Looks nice

  38. the show is a critique of capitalism, having the show set in North Korea would undermine the whole premise. think the point of this show is to show that under capitalism you can buy your way out of the law if you are rich enough

  39. I love the Theory Wear merch so much, especially compared to other YouTuber merch because, even when I don’t like a piece enough to go and buy it, I can still see that a lot of care goes into creating it. I see a lot of other YouTubers making merch that’s just a solid color T-shirt or hoodie with a small logo no bigger than a chest pocket on it. And it’s so disappointing compared to Theorist Merch with awesome designs, hoodies with thumb holes and the plastic aglets on the draw string, and features created because of community input. Nothing against those other YouTubers, the Theorist Team just sets the bar WAY too high. Keep up the great work!

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