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Fable Is Still A Masterpiece

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Is Fable The Lost Chapters still as good as we all remember? Yes, it sure is. If you’ve never played or even seen Fable, get comfy and enjoy

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  1. Damn, there's so much good editing and humor here. I thought I was gonna pop in and watch for a bit and bounce, but I was hooked.

    4:39 "Oooh… busted…" This delivery is so fucking good lmao
    13:38 Priorities
    32:28 big TF2 scout energy

  2. Just finished this. This video must have taken a long time to finish. Glad to say it turned out great!

  3. Never got to play this one sadly, but i do have fond memories of playing the second one till the sun came up when i was a kid. 🙂 love Fable

  4. Hero your will energy is low, watch that-

  5. I enjoyed this format immensely, but only if I've played the game in question before. Might pass up a video on one I still intend on playing… sometime. Good work, though. Thank-you for the nostalgia.

  6. Dear Beelz, 'twas a really good video. It was a lot of fun watching it. I just have one grime about it. In the graveyard section and while fighting some skeletons, you didn't destroy their skulls when leaving the area. Mind explaining that? Sounds like a waste of solid material

  7. Man this was a white dwarf of a video! So much goodness, fun and jokes compressed into a small ball of awesomeness! 😀 Great job ^_^ I hope you get better soon!

  8. Reading chickens again, do you? Intelligence and will it grants plentifully indeed…

  9. This game was prime childhood for me, me and some friends still quote it to each other

    Yesterday, i saw twinblade, the leader of the bandits

  10. What the fuck Beelz?
    This video is hilarious and a great addition to your already fantastic content

  11. What an homage to a great game, thank you so much for this love letter.

  12. Infected man can be rescued and excorted savely if you are fast enough

  13. Ok, now I need a video essay in this style but for either the other fable games and or Bugnsax. Both would give off the same feel

  14. Really like this video ^^ good job beelz. Leaving a comment for the algorithm so more people can see it

  15. Oh, look, it's my childhood!

    God, it's ugly.

    Great video!

  16. At 32:50, i'm dead laughting….very good video beelz, love your commentary

  17. It’s not perfect but whoever doesn’t like it needs a stick removed from their vagina

  18. Oh.. I just killed everyone and bought their houses lol 😂

  19. love the vid
    hope 2 see more like this 1

  20. I enjoyed the random low end shouting of like "HE WAS EVIL ALL ALLOOOOOOOOOOONG!?!??!", the sarcasm just felt so well deserved. Also the subtle references to other memes you would drop in were great. Glad to know you are a DBZA fan. That bit at 28:10 had me cackling a bit. Great video. Can only imagine what other RPG games you would do this to. =)

  21. this deserves way more views. its like a perfect mix of mandalore and sseth comentary. would love to see more

  22. "Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success." —Dale Carnegie

  23. Was a really fun game. I remember faking being sick so I could stay home to play it.

    The weirdest thing I remember is trying to kill a bandit with the Force spell. I managed to knock him out of bounds onto a rock where he spun around in midair until his head popped off.

  24. I never played Fable but I always heard great things. I just got to fucking stick V I C T I M and I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks. 😂🤣 I should have played this game.

    Also maybe this isn’t what this was but I actually thoroughly enjoy this mini walk through vid. The indie stuff and stream stuff is great but this is a new favorite thing for me

  25. I absolutely adore the narrative style you went with for this video, summarizing an entire playthrough in an one hour and ten minute narration! The frequent bouncing between good and evil was pretty fitting, for Beelz "Hood" Ebud is the embodiment of chaos!
    Having another playthrough handled in this style would be pretty amusing, so I hope you eventually use it again!

    Best wishes t'ya, person reading this, and do stay safe out there! Remember to hold a figurative gun of good wishes to our lord Beelzebud's head, and blessings shall be returned in kind!

  26. Do fable 2 next. 3 is too corporate

  27. Solid video. I recently played through this beloved game again after buying a series x. I remember buying it from my neighbor for $14 on original Xbox 16 years ago, then when fable 2 came out it was the reason I bought a 360, and now here I am waiting for the new fable game.

  28. Does that mean you'll do the sequel? Or the third?

  29. I was following you for only a month now, but gotta say THIS is easily on the level of The Spiffing Brit's videos. Deserves millions of views imo!

  30. A glich is an unintended mechanic in the game. An exploit is an unintended result to intended mechanics. So yes what you did was technically an exploit.

  31. Had a funtastic time, Beelz! Thanks for the quality content.

  32. If you bring the wasp summon to the Chamber of Fate (where the first big fight v Jack happens), place the summon just right and assassin rush into it, you'll clip under the stairs and get the Sword of Aeons less than 1 hour in. Kinda funny that Jack stops you in the prison, sees you got the sword he wants, but ignores it.

  33. Fable is my guilty pleasure growing up. I didnt play all of them, but what I did. was enjoyable mostly.

    So. about you playing Neon Echo……please?

  34. i need to play this game, i have it for my xbox 360 since like, forever (probably like 7 years) and never played it

  35. Really love this style would love another one similar to this for another older game u love

  36. I didn't know I clicked on Spiffing Brit's vid lol
    But I do like this kind of content with your personality

  37. I wouldnt mind if you did something like this to some other games, like stray blade, or dave the diver

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