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Every Video that BROKE YouTube (and why)

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Every Video that BROKE YouTube (and why)

In this video, I share every video that has broken YouTube and how they beat the YouTube algorithm with one video. This includes videos from MrBeast, the GTA 6 trailer and the infamous discord video that got 1.4B views in 24 hours.

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  1. Beautiful video, beautiful editing, earned a sub!

  2. dude I wanna say your content inspires me so much, thank you

  3. Your editing is good. But also a little fast 😅

  4. underrated channel holy sh*t good video

  5. Just letting yk, this video is about to blow up

  6. gangdam style changed the platform litterally it changed the way they counted views cause it got a bil so fast

  7. hi i’m a massive fan! i was wondering wat u edit it plz? tysm!

  8. congrats bro you are amazing i am looking forward for every video you make

  9. Ben if you keep grinding you're gonna end this year with 100k mark my words

  10. Good job man, you have the formula down. You can easily grow and blow up if you stay consistent with this. You have the cadence, the pacing, the editing and the graphics down. The only thing I'd recommend is checking out your audio quality, not sure what it is but your microphone sounds like it's almost peaking?

  11. I KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING… bro talked about slowing videos down even though he had a super high paced video to make ppl comment about it 🔥 (I think, or im just yapping idk)

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