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Every Game In Squid Game Ranked

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These terrifying games will shock you! For this list, we’re counting down all the games played in Netflix’s “Squid Game” in order of how sadistic they are and how important they are to the plot. Our countdown includes Ddakji, Marbles, Red Light, Green Light, and more! Let us know in the comments which you think you’d have the best chance of winning.

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  1. I think I could win four the honeycomb the tug of war and red light green light and marbles

  2. Pretty much all the same, but marbles at the bottom. Just a stupid game and everyone acts like it’s a big deal that dude betrayed the other dude. How do you not realize the oldest truck in the book? Or maybe the squid game at the bottom, idk they’re both just retarded

  3. Best games
    1. Red Light, Green Light
    2. Glass Bridge
    3. Honeycomb
    4. Ggambu
    5. Squid Game
    6. Tug ' O War

  4. Sang-woo knew the game was going to be honey comb. He knew to pick triangle. He told his team to split up so he had a better chance of making it. We know that he knew because he had flashbacks of playing the game as a kid.

  5. I really thought squid game was 1st cause it’s literally the name of the series

  6. I think my favourite game in the show was the bridge game. Whilst Gganbu was absolutely heart-wrenching, glass-stepping stones was extremely suspenseful and had so many plot twists. From Deok-Su being pulled through the bridge to his death against his will, to the glassmaker revealing his secret and Sang Woo then killing him, the game was definitely the most captivating, if the most unfair game in the entire show.

    Whilst Gganbu was the game that had everyone in tears, I think it’s safe to say that the glass bridge was the game that had everyone bolt upright with fear. One wrong step and death was certain. And the end of the game just showed that even when you think you are safe, you aren’t.

  7. HIGHLY disagree with stepping stones @ number 4.. Its either first or second.. Marbles shouldve been last or second to last..

  8. Squid game costumes were a hit this Halloween 2021. I’m surprised kids under the age of 10 were familiar with the show. 😰

  9. The ladder game was stupid. It guaranteed most people die. Not fair at all.

  10. Red light green light is the only one I win.

  11. To everyone who say glass bridge isn’t a game you played as a child, think again; those squares you had to jump with one or two legs each!

  12. My Top 3:
    #1: Red Light Green Light
    #2: Stepping Stones
    #3: Tug of War
    The others I didn't care for. But every episode was awesome.

  13. I think everybody's waiting for Hopscotch probably season 2

  14. Who all seeing this after playing in free fire 😜

  15. I would have the most chance to win marbles or red light green light

  16. Red, honey, tug, marbles, glass, squid

  17. My list:
    5-squid game
    4-tug of war
    3-glass bridge
    1-Red light, Green light

  18. Games from impossible to beat for me to easy peasy for me to win:
    1: Tug of war cause i always get the bad team
    2: Squid game im weaker then a stick
    3: Dalgona BUTTER FINGERS
    4: Marbles im not lucky or unlucky
    5: Glass steppingstones i always go last
    6: Red Light, Green Light cause i am very steady at my feet

  19. Omg marbles was number 2 for me and red light green light was number 1

  20. I will win most at marvel because when someone get my number correct I will take out 1 marvel and I will get it correct because I know my even and odd so I will win

  21. “Just to be safe, Sang-woo suggests they all choose different shapes”

    It’s not to be safe, he’s being sneaky!

  22. This is the most scariest but best show I’ve watched

  23. Not gonna lie, the Red Light Green Light scene was easily my favorite part

  24. When they played Joo Won’s Fly Me to the Moon, slow motion running and getting shot at, and introducing Ali by grabbing Gi-Hun, that made the Red Light Green Light game my favorite

  25. No way… marbles is #1 not even close.

    My list:
    1- Marbles
    2- glass
    3- red light green light
    4- honeycomb
    5- tug of war
    6- squid game

  26. The Best for me should be Red Light Green Light. It used to be glass stepping stones cause I have much luck but I realized that Red Light its easier bc I know how to control myself of not moving and moving and I dont panick that fast. So its definetly the best choive

  27. This is gotta be the worst kdrama ever for me this is just my opinion

  28. The most creative game in squid game for me is glass stepping stones, can't change my mind.

  29. Not going to lie glass stepping stones/glass game is my personal favorite

  30. I think the easiest game is Red Light, Green Light. I think the hardest game is Glass Stepping Stones.

  31. Uhhh me nőt english me huanry hárs english tálkák sory

  32. I'm a kid so maby red light green light and honeycome

  33. 어릴때 동생들하고 뽑기하다가 국자 태운 기억이 ㅎㅎ

  34. 4:47 "It is one of the trickiest games to follow for non-Koreans as there is no version of it outside the country." I can say that, it is very similar to our PATINTERO in the Philippines. It is just that the lines are shaped like a dress/ house, not a squid.

  35. 1. Glass stepping stones
    2. Marbles
    3. Red light green light
    4. Tug of war
    5. Squid Game
    6 Honeycomb

  36. My order from best to worst

    1. Red Light Green Light
    2. Tug of War
    3. Stepping Glass
    4. Honeycomb
    5. Marbles
    6. Squid Game

  37. i like h oneycome or honeycone witch ever one it is

  38. I’d think sugar honeycombs marbles and tug of war

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