EPONYMOUS SQUID EASTER EGG! Squid Coast Achievement & All Secrets Revealed in Minecraft Dungeons - squidgame.quest

EPONYMOUS SQUID EASTER EGG! Squid Coast Achievement & All Secrets Revealed in Minecraft Dungeons

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There is an awesome Glow Squid Easter Egg hidden on the Squid Coast Tutorial level in Minecraft Dungeons! In this video, I show you how to unlock the Eponymous Squid achievement by solving an Easter Egg puzzle in the Squid Coast mission on the Mainland. This allows you to witness an epic firework show with dancing Glow Squids at the dock of the level, which is quite the spectacle. If you are interested in Achievement hunting in Minecraft Dungeons, this one should definitely be on your list! Oh, and I also show you all Secret Chest locations and the Secret Obsidian Chest which you can find for even more Emeralds, so you see pretty much everything you need to know about this level in a very short tutorial. Enjoy!

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  1. tbh how to open to the squid coast because it didnt show up in default

  2. subtitles in Portuguese please I'm from Brazil and I'm your fan

  3. I just have a question. How you do a close view of your in-game character ? (sorry if my english is bad)

  4. How do you get that camera angle at the beginning of the vid

  5. Something interesting here is that near the Squid Dock, arrows are unable to be fired, as if there's an invisible barrier

  6. All I can say is that it didn't work for me, for whatever reason. I did this on my first time playing the game, and 3 times after that (with multiple characters), and I never got the achievement. I guess I'll have to bug support or something…

  7. This should be a secret way to beat the tutorial

  8. Why there is no squid coast for me

  9. after a bit, I realised that I unintentionally wore the squid armor I got from the tower

    it was power 82 and I'm on adventure difficulty (adventure VII is recommended power 68)

  10. I got the glow squids working but I didn't get the achievement…

  11. the squid coast mission isn't poping up for me, the adventure hub is now where it should be

  12. I found the lighthouse but not the button before I watched this vid

  13. If u don’t have the lvl just make a new character and have both in an offline game and start it with the new one

  14. after pressing the button at the lighthouse, when i press the button at the village near the stone bridge it plays a cow effect what am i doing wrong

  15. I found this secret out by myself and I thought I was the first haha, I just didn’t know the right combination and I had no idea what it did, at first I thought it would open a door and the first one I found was that the water

  16. How were you supposed to find this, where were the clues ?

  17. can you give me a good armor and weapon my name is rockiestknot165

  18. someone please give me your ps4 username if you have minecraft dungeons i need friends to play with

  19. I can't get it I beat default is that why and if not what's wrong

  20. Eu encontrei o segundo botão sem querer eu estava parado refletindo na vida e ele apareceu

  21. It’s a great Easter egg but the lighthouse door isn’t open. Want to explain

  22. 🤓😀😀😍😄😋🍉and and Freddy and Freddy 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  23. it did not work becuse the second one gave me a moo

  24. Why does everything not work on me? I always follow the right order of everything and it simply doesn't work for me

  25. Is this still a thing a can’t find the tutorial level anymore even on default

  26. The lighthouse is not enterable for me, can anyone explain why?

  27. This was an amazing video,thank you,I had no clue about this up until now,and I’ve got another achievement to add to the list,so thank you for such an awesome video 😊👍 keep making incredible content

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