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Elden Ring !Nightmare Mode All Bosses !newvid

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  1. How many points dose it take for a weapon request? Cuz i wanna request the clayman’s harpoon

  2. Gino starting a new massive run while having the Masterrun, Bingo, and DLC prep in the background is classic

  3. Gino the type of dude to pick an F-tier character in a fighting game and only play ranked.

  4. does anyone know the name of the boss tracker Gino is using? in the upper right corner (X/165)

  5. He might be. 😂 And perusing the wiki's. Or Miazakie might be a massive troll. Regardless, I'm running around with my Sentry Torch and Margits Shackle just looking, for grins.

  6. Holy shit when he was rolling through the noble’s roll I had my butt clenched. And he did it five fucking times!

  7. How have you got all talisman pouches at start ?

  8. Good lord you are so annoying with the constant quitting the game just so you don’t lose runes it’s Elden ring it’s part of the game to constantly die

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