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Eber Return Stream

Ember Amane Ch. 【Phase Connect】
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General: #EmberAmane
Live: #EmberOnFIRE
Art: #EmberDoodle NSFW: #Emberotica
Fan Name: Kindlings

【Phase Invaders】
Lumi Kaneko:
Dizzy Dokuro:
Jelly Hoshiumi:

BGM Credits: @DOVASYNDROMEYouTubeOfficial

【Chat Rules:】
1. Please be respectful of others.
2. Don’t talk or ask about personal information.
3. No excessive spamming.
4. Don’t talk about unrelated topics or have personal conversations in chat.
5. Don’t bring up other streamers/streams unless I mention them first.
6. No spoilers/backseat gaming – I will ask for advice when needed.
7. Ignore/block/report trolls or anyone breaking the rules above.


  1. I found you from the Phase Coffee April 1st video. Im 6 Vods in and your awesome. Ar15 asmr? 😂Love your videos and im glad your back!Now if only I could catch a stream live.

  2. Kindlings' smiles and optimism: restored.

    Welcome back Ember!

  3. Glad to have you back eber, and what a stream it was. While I can't blame you for the last part, i get it, but man did you really have to watch all of Boku…. OtsuUmber

  4. Welcome back Eber !!!
    It's good to have you back and streaming again

  5. Start: 4:55
    Very happy to have you back Ember, let's hope your ISP has stopped causing problems for a good long while. Thanks for streaming, OtsuEmber!

  6. So happy to have you back, Embug! Really brings a huge smile on our faces to see you being all happy and excited again. Hopefully your internet is here to stay this time around.

  7. Glad that your internet situation might finally be resolved. Thanks for the stream, Ember.

  8. That was such an awesome Stream here ember amane. It was so good to see you again Ember here.

    Im. So happy to hear that the isp is working now and the fact your cousins are coming here. Hope they have an awesome time here.
    Thank you ember, we are so grateful and thankful to have you as our oshi here. Thanks ember. Have a Great day my awesome delinquent vtuber friend ♥ 🐀

    Also thanks for reading my Membie at 2:26:31

  9. Thank you for today's great comeback and hard work. I'm glad you managed to cure Salmonella and get back to recording streams on YouTube in great style. Take care and good night 😴😪💤♥️🐇

  10. Welcome back Ember! First full stream I’ve been able to catch and you and the Kindlings have been very kind. It was a fun hangout and chill stream!

    Even if they took my grey name-ginity…

  11. Glad to have you back my queen, we missed you a lot

  12. I really feel like I've seen you before but I'm not sure if I have.

  13. Couldn’t stay until the end but glad you’re isp is better now. Looking forward to to your streams again Ember!

  14. What ever happened with that 4k run or whatever, I must have missed tons of streams lately

  15. Thanks so much for the stream Ember! So glad to have you back! We missed you!

  16. Thank you for the stream Ember and Welcome back :3

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