Eating only Squid Game food for the whole day! #shorts #squidgame -

Eating only Squid Game food for the whole day! #shorts #squidgame

Tommy Winkler
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  1. Drink beverages instead of water for a whole day

  2. Stop bitting the utensils that will hurt your teath

  3. …. he ate the rice and egg separately… complete sin.

  4. I don’t think those were the food I thinks it was like strips with bbq I think and some other stuff but I know I didn’t see the iPhone home bar when the squid guy shot him

  5. My man just go to squid game just to win those foods

  6. These videos are so cringeworthy as fuck

  7. Dont u hate when Eating Candy peaceful and then guard shoot you for no reasons

  8. Who else was waiting for him to eat the steak and found out he didnt

  9. Drink water for 24 hours I bet you please 😂

  10. Omg your channel is horrible pls see this it’s Annoying no one likes your channel what shit it’s awful you really should do more respectfully

  11. @tommy Winkler eat indian foods for the whole day

  12. Haiya don't eat rice with for eat rice with spoon

  13. EAT Odisha Food for whole day Odisha of India

  14. all of your challenges are so tasty

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