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DRUNK vs HIGH in Everybody 1-2 Switch!

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Team DRUNK and Team High go head to head in 2023’s stupidest game. Prepare for sweat.

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  1. Thank you for this! Luckily, I stopped by the dispensary on my way home from work to refill. Now I get to watch this sexy VOD and catch up on all the hijinks. Stupid FOMO–we hates them.

  2. lmao Charlotte "I'd like to see you inherit a YouTube channel that was more successful before." Getting a little too real in there

  3. Thanks to whomever gifted me a sub 😀

  4. Can’t believe they promote activities like this.

    Anyways gonna go chase a shot with a bong rip

  5. I love how Ryan gets blamed for both of Jacobs balloon pops then high laughs his ass off

  6. Would have loved to have seen Team Crossfaded.

  7. anyone got a timestamp for when they restrained ryan? must have missed that watching this in 15 minute chunks on breaks

  8. "I feel like I need to draw lungs into my chest, manually.." 🤣🤣😭😭 34:32

  9. How does this game ruin the fun with the exhaustive examples and repeated instructions, when Warioware can do it, and make it fun, with just split second instructions?

    Let's play Warioware again!

  10. Damn my job. I would have gifted if i watched this live.

  11. 1:05:28 Charlotte with the most subtle "X Gon Give It To Ya" reference ever. YES. I LOVE IT.

  12. Funhaus will always remain in my weathered and cynical heart

  13. Luscious Sloshburn? Of the Williamsburg Sloshburns?

  14. I am so happy they’ve been making these streams public, I now have so many more hours of funhaus to hopefully last me some more years

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