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DRAGON QUEST XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age ( Giant Squid Boss Fight ) Story42

Axis Koi
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DRAGON QUEST® XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age™


  1. The important question: how/WHY is your hero level 30 already?

  2. Was hoping to see old man rab get knocked down so it’d say “Rab has fallen and can’t get up” so i could make a life alert joke.

  3. Awesome game,but god that the musical score are awful.Sad because it ruins the experience.But i have found an idea.I cut off the the music in game,just let the sounds,but i put an OST of Final fantasy while playing and dang,now you have an awesome musical score lol no joke,abd the experience now are top notch. 😍

  4. my characters are around level 22 or 23 is that a good level to beat the squid at or do i need to level up some more to beat him. i don't avoid enemies but i also don't go out of my way to fight them either.

  5. Damn my characters are level 19 there is no point to beat it xd

  6. This was a piece of cake. Beat it at level 20. I used already pep up main hero with jade's ability roaring tirade becomes paralyzed for a few turns then after dealing damage use sleeper hit with Erik everytime. Have rab use zam every time unless your hp is low. With jade keep using thunder thrust. When it's near death and your party is dying in order always keep rab,Erik,jade,main hero alive. This was my strategy.

  7. I swear no matter what RPG I play, there’s a stupid ass squid boss who’s OP. Then I quit and never play again. Another 20 hours of my life wasted. Lol jk I’ll beat him

  8. I beat this with my highest level being 29 and lowest level 27. I had a line up of hero, erik, rab and sylvando. Just do the regen move with rab and hustle dance with sylv. I also used Erik boulder move on the squid as I was attacking the tentacles. Hope this helps you beat the boss.

  9. God, this was so much harder in strong enemies mode. He could wipe out your entire party in 2 turns. His freeze breath attack deals like 90 damage to each party member lol

  10. Was kinda anxious ahead of this boss after hearing Dunkey complain about it in his review. Turned out to be a complete pushover. Beat it without breaking a sweat at level 21-22. Just run a party with Erik, Jade and Rab. Cast the party HoT with Rab, priority focus each tentacle with Jade and the Luminary before moving to the next, then sit back and watch the boss melt after poisoning and bouldering it with Erik, he’s technically this fight’s MVP. Should be over in no time.

  11. I’ve literally been on this boss for a year wth. Edit-well then, I just beat it

  12. Dear Axis where to find your shield and sword?reveal your secrets

  13. Khalamari was always cooler than tentacular anyways

  14. I managed this with erick,jade,rab,and MC i also got double reward pep move as well. Got loads from this fight

  15. me looking at his level then look at mines

    i am a sad excuse for a luminary

  16. dang, my highest level is 23. i made it to the point where i only needed to kill it’s head, it was at orange, still died cause i had veronica left.

  17. I can't level up more, any tips? it's getting super annoying

  18. All you need to do is get the cannon and get like level 23 and have a healer out with a all powerfull characters.

    Edit: also need pretty good weapons

  19. I was level like 26 when I did it and it took me 45 mins with multiple turns harder than I ever thought it was going to be I had to use the cannon plus a few pep powers just to defeat it

  20. This is the really had boss everyone talks about right? Cuz I beat it first try and I’m not over leveled

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