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Dragon Quest VIII [3DS] Commentary #127, Post-Marcello Treasures; Baccarat King Squid

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This is video #127 in my playthrough of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King for the Nintendo 3DS. This video contains commentary. To view the non-commentary version, click here:

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Dragon Quest VIII [3DS] (Commentary) Playlist:

Previously, the party defeated Marcello in Neos. Unfortunately, this resulted in Rhapthorne’s revival and the rising of Rhapthorne’s fortress, the Black Citadel. Now, there are a few new treasures that the party can gather.

The party resumes at the Hilltop Hut. After the usual party chat, they take off with the Godbird’s Soulstone (time 2:30).

Northeast of the Hilltop Hut, they land at the Waterfall Hut atop the Waterfall Cave (time 2:48).

In the Waterfall Hut, they talk to the woodsman (time 3:46). He gives the party 3 pieces of Highly-Strung Cheese. If the protagonist feeds this to Munchie in battle, Munchie will raise the party’s tension one level like the Timbrel of Tension. However, the woodsman seems to know a lot about the party.

Next, the party will go to Red’s Den. To get there, they first Zoom to Pickham (time 5:27). Then, they take flight again (time 5:43).

They land at Red’s Den southwest of Pickham (time 6:13).

As they arrive at Red’s Den, a scene with Red takes place (time 6:23).

The scene continues inside Red’s house (time 7:14). Heh, she is not pleased with her henchman. She puts him in his place.

After the scene, we regain control of the party inside Red’s house (time 8:26). Red will sit down and put her feet up whenever they visit her place.

A scene takes place when the party speaks with Red again (time 9:43). She lends Yangus a Flail of Fury. A flail is a whip-like weapon that strikes all the enemies in a group. Unfortunately, since there is not a skill tree associated with flails, Yangus will not learn any attack bonuses or abilities. Still, flails can be useful.

A brief scene takes place when the party speaks to Red (time 12:42). Red gives Yangus a little reminder.

Another scene takes place when they leave the house (time 13:04). Red hastens out to rejoin them.

Next, the party Zooms to Marta’s Cottage (time 14:17).

At Marta’s grave in the Nook Grass cave, the party talks to Marek (time 17:28). For defeating Sir Leopold, he rewards them with four bunches of Nook Grass.

Then, the party Zooms to Baccarat (time 19:52).

They rest until evening at Baccarat’s inn (time 23:23).

A scene takes place as the party approaches the pond in the south of town (time 24:08). A King Squid is splashing around in the pond!

The party approaches the King Squid (time 25:57). They choose to fight it. This King Squid is not especially difficult; it just has more HP than normal.

After the battle, Morrie reaches Level 39 (time 27:30). He obtains 10 skill points. He puts them into Claws for a total of 76.

A scene takes place after the battle (time 27:55). Cash and Carrie’s security personnel do not want Cash and Carrie to find out there was a monster in town, so they buy the party’s silence with casino tokens. The first offer is 200 tokens, but the party refuses so they can get 400 tokens instead.

Afterwards, the party Zooms to Arcadia (time 30:39).

They visit the Mystery Mart (time 31:21). They pick up another Seed of Skill for 100,000 gold. I think the merchant’s price has capped out. They administer the Seed of Skill to Jessica so she can obtain 5 skill points. She puts them in Fisticuffs for a total of 44.

Also, the party photographs the Walking Corpse merchant (time 32:38). They need to have purchased at least six Seeds of Skill from him so that he will be in his finest threads. This satisfies Challenge 131: “Social-climbing Corpse”. Challenge 131 is worth 3 stamps.

The party Zooms back to the Hilltop Hut (time 34:57). When they arrive, they rest and save.

Next time, the party will go to Argonia for a sidequest and optional dungeon.

Thanks for watching!

Recording date: November 28, 2019

This video is part of my Dragon Quest VIII playthrough. I am playing the North American version of the game released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2017. All characters, story, music, artwork, and other components of this game are the property of their respective owners.

Played on the Nintendo New 3DS with a Katsukity game capture card. Recorded with the Elgato Game Capture HD device and software. Produced with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

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