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Dragon Quest IX -omcnicholl’s Request- Squid is here!

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To save the DAAAAAAAY!


  1. i wish i could have roto as a charecter hes so cool and strong. 🙂

  2. @PurexReapz XD well we will have to party up in DQX then

  3. wouldnt that grotto be under kush or mabye it WAS under kush because Estark was buried to seal his new powers away. but he got out :p!! so would that be the same cave he was sealed in

  4. w8w8w8w888w8w8w8w88w8 wat!!!!!
    i thought u restarted dq9 i mean that u deleted your data and started again!?!?!?
    or did you buy a second 1?:p

  5. =D btw you pronouced my name wrong, but it does not matter 'cos it was an awesome vid!

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