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Dragon Quest IX – Enter Zack and Squid

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Introducing the Winners of our last contest all geared up and ready to goo.


  1. LOVE the Aliahan set! Can't wait till I can get it myself.

  2. How do you get the trodain stuff? I already have Hat

  3. @DreadWaffle lmao, need better armor than that for nokturnus

  4. How'd you get the Critical acclaim and the soldiers medal?

  5. @StarshipNebulae revocated with certain vocations once

  6. @Gaaaaamer sir senguinis and zoma, and crit acclaim was one of the revocational medals

  7. @gilmore7888 the soul sucker or whatever it's best form is

  8. I have a question.
    Why did you level up all the weaponary skills on everybody if you only needed one?

  9. @Manaphy35 after you level up so much, you get tired of seeing the windows to add skill points, if you max them all, you no longer see it. that simple

  10. how did u get s many uber falcon blades?

  11. they are found all throughout the game and you can get them from legacy bosses

  12. oh, the accessories? you get one for revocating in each class

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