CID...What Happened To You?! : Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Part 15 - 4K - Dynamic Difficulty) -

CID…What Happened To You?! : Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Part 15 – 4K – Dynamic Difficulty)

Maximilian Dood
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Start 0:00
Kujata Summon battle 13:50
Start of ‘O Chicken, Where Art Thou’ Side mission 41:50
Start of ‘Teach me, Great Warrior’ Side mission 56:30
End of ‘Teach me, Great Warrior’ Side Mission 1:23:40
End of ‘O Chicken, Where Art Thou’ Side Mission 1:26:25
Start of ‘The Spice Of Life’ Side Mission 1:28:35
End of ‘The Spice Of Life’ Side Mission 1:58:15
Exploration 2:01:10
Moogle Intel Kupo! 2:13:30
Exploration 2:23:00
Phenomenon Intel 1 (Gongaga) 2:46:30

Exploration 2:56:20
Fiend Intel 6: Reactor Royalty 2:59:58
Fiend Intel 5: A Two-Pronged Assault 3:12:20
Fiend Intel 2: Mean Green Mother 3:22:44
Fiend Intel 4: Maddened by Mako 3:54:44
Main Mission progression 4:05:25

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  1. i definitely miss the old cid


  2. I physically laugh at Max saying random stuff like: "straight crushed grass….(internal thinking)…STRAIGHT CRUSHED AYYYASSSSSS!"

  3. The frogs don't grow into big plants, you were just fighting more than one enemy type 😀 2:40:16 there are Frightflowers as well as Amphidex. The Frightflowers use growth spurt and, if left up long enough, assume a third form also.

  4. The trouble with the final fantasy fandom is that everyone gets their enjoyment from different elements. So how much you like a game will be dependant on how much a game leans in to what you like. Other games franchises essentially rely on one mechanic repeated and therefore keep the majority of their base happy.

  5. Can’t wait to finally play this game. Just beat remake this game. Reminds me a lot of Xenoblade, which is a good thing.

  6. Part 3 should have one dlc and that's Advent Children but playable

  7. Cid ain't dirty looking enough for my tastes. Guess they got teeth whitener in this universe.

  8. Is it just me or did they forget to upload the section before this? The reactor quest? Because the video before this is when they arrive to Gongaga

  9. While we're on the subject of FF16, I certainly enjoyed the gameplay loop. If even it did feel a little stale at times between the bigger story beats.
    But the story itself was so aggressively sad and depressing that after a certain point, I just started laughing.

  10. For those who are using the playlist function for this – please be aware that part 14 isn't listed in the playlist. I only found out when Max talked about the Scarlet fight and I couldn't remember it happening. So after you finish gongaga is gorgeous – please go to part 14 before this one, to avoid discombobulation in the story…

  11. Every time I heard one of those chickens, I thought I had an alarm going off. It really caught me off guard.

  12. The chicken catch quest was funny as hell watching Max😂😂 he had the same reaction I had

  13. Aerith just rope climbing arms only… must have forearms like iron.

  14. hey max, not sure if you found it yet, but go listen to the NPCs sitting in front of the cosmo canyon hotel front desk. You have been waiting for them to reappear. Don't want to spoil it all but i didn't see you listen to them in the twitch streams at all.

  15. Weird thought, but the crocodile bracelet got me wondering. Do crocodiles exist in ff7?

  16. I find weird that the monsters in this game get framed as if they were wild life part of the environment. Sometimes It feels like you running around poaching innocent wildlife for no reason.
    They could have done a better job of framing them as mutated invasive species that harm the true wildlife.

  17. For part 3 please square get rid of VR and have us replace Charley with Mai or reduce his lines

  18. I'm so glad the chicken quest is only infuriating when you're doing it yourself. Its hilarious to watch someone else endure it.

  19. this happens to light effects on4k those effects are only fully viewable on 8k liquid cry displays with ps5 on it thats why most of people have this ligh ingame issue but its the best achived lightning effect ever in a diggital world movies are nothing compared to a full 3d engine with the best designed graphics of all time you know what soft did there is actually a brake through in technology mad love and they did it again when they made final fintasy 7 they pushed the limit of every known engine and device in the entertainment and creative departmant these kind of people are the reason playstation was even created so thats a part of that ancient deal you talk about it is a nintendo but it is also japan it is sony no matter what <3

  20. I remember morphing tonberries into ribbons (immune to all neg status effects) you have to reduce them to low hp before morphing them which is quite hard to gauge in OG.

  21. I find it very sweet that Aerith basically made dinner for Zack's parents.

  22. 3:19:15 Holy shit that music fade out with the lonely bongos was so perfectly timed to Max’s disappointed discovery

  23. “They made Fried Rice: The Game.” 🤣🤣

  24. Am I wrong in assuming that the Protorelic is just the Genji set that belongs to Gilgamesh?

  25. Playing the game over music after cooking the chicken is such a great touch. haha

  26. I could not save myself from laughing throughout the entirety of the chicken quest LOL

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