Chad on Mars - SNL -

Chad on Mars – SNL

Saturday Night Live
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Chad (Pete Davidson) is chosen to save the colonists at Elon Musk’s Space X Mars habitat.

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  1. Anyone else laugh after Chad denied being the father? Lol

  2. i like how elon musk's reaction to chad's head exploding is exactly how I would imagine elon musk to react after watching someone's head explode

  3. Mc: the baby is yours, Chad:*proceeds to think for a second* No ThaNk YoU leaves

  4. The should have just run ‘apt update’ again, a newly patched version of liboxygen was released upstream.

  5. You know Elon is a really good actor. He has to act like a smart dude too!

  6. They need to do a Chad movie lol😂😂😂

  7. I like how Miley makes it sound like she's been smoking for thirty years.

  8. "Laugh Out Loud" Funny!!! Elon Musk Is Like I R L Iron Man!! SoOOOooo SMARt!

  9. Wasn't that funnier, AND more humane?..

  10. In case you’re wondering if this is real: nope.

    Its a satire video posted by The Onion about press secretary dodging questions President economic plan, in this case using crazy personal story to distract from a bad/confusing plan.

    You’re welcome

  11. That one look so mutch like space backspace/telegraph files /audrey hepburn, Hagerty cheese, high octaine fire coffee, grain bread and a tall glass of melted snow/that one is beautiful also

  12. Chad giving more deference than he should. Way more. (waits for Musk-bots to learn the word "deference")

  13. Chad and Elon musk. Truly a gigachad moment

  14. So the Wittiest is coordinating with the Wackiest Character. this is so Dope XD

  15. When you think he's a hero but really he's not quite there!

  16. Is chad really oblivious or is everybody else around him really dumb?

  17. We should get more of these , more often

  18. Not a big fan of Elon Musk but he did good in this role.
    And I don't know why these Chad skits are so hysterical!

  19. 😂🤣 funny sketch. SNL is the best

  20. Miley sounds like she smokes a carton a day. Imagine how she will sound in 10-15 years

  21. If an astronaut die in space or on another planet (not Earth), would he go to the heaven or meet God by chance?

  22. And then goggins runs by
    “Stay hard humanity!”

  23. Chad: Okay with going on a suicide mission
    Also Chad: Not okay with having one child.

  24. Elon is the whitest person on earth that he thinks hisshit don't stank

  25. @ElonMush Yo my n -word can you unban ami?

  26. "Elon Musk"


    "Elon Musk..? I'm in charge of the whole Mars colonization project…."

    Chad: "oh congrats"

    "Chad I wanna make sure you understand you won't survive this mission."

    Chad: "okeh"

  27. "I was never here."

    Wonder how many times he's actually said that. 😅

  28. We will never see Miley Cyrus, Elon Musk and Pete Davidson in the same room huh?

  29. How do you manage subtitling "I was never here" to "I'm out of here"? That must be world record level stupidity. There is no excuse.

  30. Hey all, my name is Chad. Love the video

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