Catching ALL F̞̽͂̑ỉ͍̋͂̐̑s̾̈͊ͥh̳̃̌̍̌ͪ in Dredge -

Catching ALL F̞̽͂̑ỉ͍̋͂̐̑s̾̈͊ͥh̳̃̌̍̌ͪ in Dredge

Mono Aurelio
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There are 128 fish in Dredge, and I caught every single one of them! If you liked the video, make sure to Sub, like, and comment what game I should play next!



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  1. I'm surprised that mono didn't make a sex joke when he learned about the oarfish

  2. There’s more porn jokes then my parents have hugged me

  3. Bro, 1 minute 30 seconds in the video and I cannot wrap my head around how you have less than a 100k subs. You are truly a quality youtuber and hope you blow up SOON! 10 mil easy

  4. Little did he knew that they added crabberations and 10 other abberations

  5. I love you guys I love you all of you YouTube channel everything good

  6. Typed up "All fish in Dredge" this came up and the fact that this man is throwing so much shade and how funny it is I am not disappointed. You sir, have more than earned a sub in less than 3 minutes.

  7. Tell someone you could get are named every creature in this onaga french fries just woke up the names tractor truck from that's a challenge

  8. Mono we both know this is just your streams but you voicing over them but we know I was probably calling you out in stream

  9. How do you only have 50k subscribers you are literally the most funny youtuber i have ever seen no joke

  10. Yeah I think we all seek the third option…

  11. Funny how YouTube take a video down for having a bad word in a game and then this mf just comes in here with every dictionary for each language.

  12. This is hilarious and also helps a ton. Thank you!

  13. Shout out to the translucent sturgeon, gotta be one of the best genders

  14. This mf looks like if A hawaiian man was on meth and hate fucked a dolphin, the accusations are wild but I still wonder about the family…

  15. Try something in Sneaky Sasquatch, like get all fish, costumes, or upgrades, or complete the story.

  16. i just noticed i havent watched your content in years :') cause my notif were broken,

  17. Always enjoy putting your video on the backgrounds so calming yet funny

  18. I love how this is like a guide for the game, as well as an entertaining story told by the best storyteller on YouTube. Keep it up brother ❤

  19. What’s good my nigggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggaaa

  20. 8:20 its pronounced See-lo-canth i know its name is misleading but its a fish that was supposed to be extinct but it wasnt

  21. i dont know how i was subscribed to this channel i dont remember when or how but its staying the same

  22. Liked and subscribed, gonna need that hub video now

  23. It’s great to “sea” you back! lol I love your content man! No wonder you took so long to post again, you’ve been having fun with your fleshy fishy friends! Can’t wait to see the next one!

  24. Man, i love your vids. Keep it up, Mono!

  25. Still cant belive we gaslight you enough to belive the angler fish was friendly

  26. Not gonna cap this was one of the funniest commentary ever!! 😆

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