Can You Beat Morrowind (and the Expansions) with Conjured Equipment? -

Can You Beat Morrowind (and the Expansions) with Conjured Equipment?

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Yes, obviously. The title is rhetorical.

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What mods am I using? I’m using the OpenMW engine with their curated “I Heart Vanilla” modlist. It’s mostly bugfixes and graphical enhancements.

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0:00 Intro (rules and such)
1:00 Character Build
1:59 Starting Out
6:48 Morrowind’s Main Quest
29:21 Tribunal’s Main Quest
46:05 Bloodmoon’s Main Quest
1:02:58 Cleaning Up



  1. 42:40 theres no direct classification for any pole arms, its more of a suggestion
    Pole arm is any bit of metal at the end of a long stick
    No length isnt a requirement

  2. Can I just shout out the amazing fact that no matter the fact his name is 'just background noise,' no matter the fact his videos are like an hour long most times, the homie still does hand done captions? Like ones that are synced to what he's actually saying? Bravo man, I love anyone that does that. I may have ok hearing, but I always love to read along and see how the subtitles are edited and if there's anything silly or not. It's always fun! I bet it adds a buncha time to making vids, so I really apprecaite that you do it.

  3. Somewhat safe drinking game: take a shot every time time he says time time

  4. Why'd they get rid of spears in later installments?

  5. Well now i kinda feel bad for comparing you to Judge Holden

  6. You're right, that was the best Dagoth Ur impression I've ever heard. It's also the only one I've ever heard, but I don't think that diminishes the achievement.

  7. were two handed battle axes that aren't pole arms a thing?
    Not really, but there was the dane axe. An axe used so briefly and by so specific a population that it's named after a specific country. But there were a lot of polearm axe weapons. Big meaty cutting face on a really long stick. Got to stay pretty far away if you are wielding a weapon that has the least amount of possible defensive utility as your primary, not on horseback, not a sidearm weapon

  8. So happy that youtube suggested this. Now I have something to listen to at work

  9. I found you a little while ago from your RS videos. I'm really glad to see you exploding with these Morrowind videos.

  10. Ok big man now do it on console.

    …how long have you been playing morrowind? You know holding down the attack button increases hit chance and damage right?

  11. Your content is soooo good, my dude, thank you for providing

  12. yo can u upload darksouls content at some point?

  13. Goddammit, you won me over with "Hortator supportator"

  14. Really nice to see challenge playthroughs of morrowind. Learning a lot about this great game 20 years since I last played it.

  15. I think if you wanted to break someone out of jail in Morrowind the easiest item to smuggle in would be a ring enchanted with Almsivi/Divine intervention. It shouldn't be difficult to get one made at a local enchanter and rings are very small. I guess the Ordinators could counter that with a detect enchantment spell though, they probably check anything entering the prison.

    What I don't understand is why everyone doesn't just learn one of those spells. They aren't hard to cast (even if you aren't a magic user, as you then have your entire magicka pool to waste casting it over and over until it works) and if you're a normal person living in a place as dangerous as Vvardenfell, an instant get to safety spell would be a lifesaver. Like, why aren't the local religious leaders offering teleportation classes? Milo had the time and foresight to write you a letter asking to bring her scrolls but couldn't take a boat ride to the temple in Ebonheart and learn divine intervention?

  16. Your good/bad bit at 33:30 was actually perfect comedy. Like you did the bit just long enough for it to be actually funny, and ended it just before it got annoying. Like actually god-tier comedic sense.

  17. I like how it takes 4 werewolves to drag the player to the hunters game.
    It really implies how strong the player is at that point in time.

  18. on openmw as a dunmer i still definitely get some fireballs shot at me, maybe those enemies just dont know any other spells though

  19. 14:00 You're right to feel that way, and I'm about to melt your mind: if you didn't already know, Spell Breaker in Morrowind does not exist, until you get a certain quest, and then it just magically appears on the ground in a certain Dwemer ruin. So there is precedent for things not existing until something specific has been done.

  20. 22:24 I think the scrolls in Morrowind, as large as they are, are canonical in size. However, you can also enchant other things, notably blank pieces of paper you find lying around, so I also believe you could canonically enchant a much smaller piece of paper or scroll to sneak into a Sweetroll, and get that into a prison somewhere.

  21. you mentioned leveling systems, ive been playing daggerfall lately and i actually really like how it just lets you arbitrarily assign attribute points in the same way fallout 3/nv lets you with skill points, attributes can still be important without having to worry about minmaxing with a skill you dont like or whatever

  22. I… wish I knew about the saving and loading during almalexia's speech before lol

  23. You didn't need to grind this is a completely viable and intended way to play morrowind wut.

  24. "Let's just say wraithguard, sundering, keening, are weirdly shaped lockpicks" Sentences that can only exist 27 minutes into a Morrowind challenge run

  25. 17:43 – I would be very worried if someone already had an item I asked for from a burial chamber.

  26. The Danes (Vikings) used Dane-axes, so yeah, people did use big two-handed axes at some point in history.

  27. 🤔 Wonder if a mod could be made to Conjure Wraithguard, Sunder, Keening, and have them work with the Heart's scripts?

  28. like your videos, you should probably make challenge with vampirism

  29. 31:30ish I've noticed in my current hand-to-hand playthrough thst fists absolutely destroy shields

  30. Thanks for putting decent subs under your videos.

  31. Funny thing about Morrowind conjuring armor spells are actually incomplete as you see in the intro, there's no bound grieves and pauldrons that is with the bound cuirass. Same way there's no complete dreugh armor. As the same way with imperial scale armor. Ebony weapons are incomplete as the same way with dwarven weapons too. So, yeah….Morrowind was an incomplete game after all. Same with Skyrim.

  32. And fun fact about the goblin club, the chop damage rivals daedric waraxe for much lighter and less durability.

  33. "Hortator Supportator" earned my like on this one

  34. 2-handed axes were used in battlefields, usually only a single edge,the 2nd edge proved more of a hassle than usefull, it added to the weight whihch would make it increasingly unwieldy. spear was most common but 2-handed axes were commonly used as weapons up to mid medieval times when it became undesirable compared to other more easy to handle weapons.^
    same for swords (even 1-handed ones) actually – super rare unless you looking at the nobility,

  35. I mean if games are requiring you to use/equip something, then yes it is just strange shaped keys

  36. So, a thing about bound weapons. They actually do have durability. It's just really hard to decrease meaningfully outside of alchemy shenanigans. When I had 5 or 6 digits or Strength, most bound weapons broke in one or two hits.

  37. I figured the Morrowind Dark Brotherhood were the regular DB but they allied with the Dagonites of Morrowind in order to gain a foothold against the Morag Tong. A cynical strategy more in line with their nature as bloodthirsty outlander mercenaries–unlike the pious, Daedra-sanctioned ritual executioners of the Morag Tong!

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