Can I Survive the 1st Game in Squid Games??? -

Can I Survive the 1st Game in Squid Games???

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I returned to the Squid Game! This one is a lot scarier and looks more real.
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  1. Karina why haven't you been updating in sis vs. bro that's my favorite series of you and Ronald please update soon

  2. You should make more videos not playing Roblox or on line games like you used to please.😊and I love your videos and I have watch them for a long long long time.😄

  3. 🙁 you guey are making me cry bc you gusy have two cute cats and quite y t and turn to emo

  4. Gamer girl I play egg and I know that there we can go Under water so pls make a vid of egg

  5. And there is an secret portal jump on one of the houses and you will go somewhere pls make a vid of that tooo

  6. Wow Karina really changed alot and also Ronald :‚)

  7. Bean I haven't been watching you for a long time but I see you on Ticky tocky

  8. In the second round of squid game I would immediately die

  9. Karina what happened to posting on sis vs bro channel everyone misses that channel

  10. I know the comments have been talking about sis vs bro, but I miss their old videos on sis vs bro. They were my childhood. Also, Karina and Ronald are older now and they grew out of it. You can’t expect them to stay 9 forever. Everyone grows up at some point. I myself have grown up too. Listen, I’m not hating. I respect their decisions but you guys have to support their decisions. I do miss their old content though

  11. Island Hotel All you can eat but in a island. Rblx says:

    Kids to grownups

  12. Hi Karina I wanna ask why do you and Ronald don’t post video on Sis Vs Bro? Please Reply me because I really like all of ur channels and even Sis Vs Bro! Please reply me as soon as possible please

  13. Why do a lisps now and did you join the LGBTQ

  14. Why did they quit sis vs bro? Can so someone tell me?

  15. I LOVE HER HAIR- i watched her be a weird 12 year old now this very cool my roblox has also been broken gor 8-7 months and i'm sad about that but HER HAIR

  16. Pls come back to sis vs bro pls you guys were my child hood


  18. Omg hii finally the comments are turned on because Everytime on sis vs bro they keep saying comment down bllow

  19. 😭😢🥺 I miss Karina and Ronald not e girl and e boy

  20. Karina Pls be safe there is a girl in Roblox name a girl Jennifer she is a hacker Pls change your avatar into a boy she is hacking girls now please

  21. Karina there's a fun game on Roblox that I like to play you should play it it's called Brookhaven

  22. I remember watching her and ronald make slime for like 2 hours on my ipad when i was 7 I miss it but sadly people grow up

  23. Friend me in Roblox Name is SDZLALA111235 I Am Big fan watching your vids

  24. i think ur souposed to land it on the green

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