Can I Beat Honour Mode SOLO @ LEVEL ONE!? 🤔 #baldursgate3 #challenge -

Can I Beat Honour Mode SOLO @ LEVEL ONE!? 🤔 #baldursgate3 #challenge

Can I Beat This?
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  1. I just realised while editing part 2, that I got Cull The Weak, not Psionic Backlash inside the creche. 🤡

  2. you shouldve just disguised yourself as Drow whenever you speak with Goblins

  3. Void bulbs are fun to use in the Nere fight

  4. No glitches/bugs –> Procees to use gold glitch

  5. When it takes longer to make a video then the game gets updated.

    Working title " you could beat, but not now"

  6. This has got to be the toughest legitimate run out there. I’m in act 3 of honor mode, but I’m not following any of those crazy rules. 😂

  7. These videos are insane. What's next? Can I beat Honour mode naked and level 1 with no weapon, 1 level in every single class without taking any damage at all in under 4hrs?

  8. Very nice ! I've been planning an honor run by practicing tactician, and this'll help me out. Super excited for part 2 because I'm actually stuck on tactician mode in the faith leap trial, I actually can't get through it no matter what I try, all of the cheese seems to have been patched out, and doing it the right way always results in a teleport no matter how well I think I'm following the map.

  9. The amount of in-game knowledge is stunning. That's a real fan 🙂

  10. The new meta; "exuse me do you mind taking this bag, thanks. Now put the money in and nothing bad will happen, good here is an gold for your troubles"

  11. you couldve made act 1 way easier by using disguise self as a drow, and then walking through blighted and the camp without a single check

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