Can I Beat Every 3D Zelda Game in 7 Days? -

Can I Beat Every 3D Zelda Game in 7 Days?

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Join me as I attempt to beat EVERY 3D The Legend of Zelda Game in 7 Days.
Games in order of appearance are:
– Ocarina of Time
– Majora’s Mask
– The Wind Waker
– Twilight Princess
– Skyward Sword
– Breath of the Wild
– Tears of the Kingdom
Enjoy! 😀


  1. You gotta utilize your inventory more my brotha. Even if items are useless 99 percent of the time, that 1 percent is super handy. I mean, took me years to realize that myself 😂 but that's what makes it so much fun is trying out anything just to see if it will work. But for minimal knowledge for the challenge, it is impressive! Hope ya utilize the items more in the next challenge though because I'm looking forward to seeing how ya improved 🎉

  2. 36:53 "Also this Mini-blin yeeted himself off a cliff for no reason whatsoever."

    I mean, so did you… 😏

  3. 1:06:50 You're supposed to swim under the water to different parts of the statue to get the correct order for the door, there's a slab that tells you what parts and in the right order. This didn't hit me until the HD version came out, I used to brute force it as well

  4. Beating every 3D Zelda game will take you at least 7 days.

  5. Deku nuts. Now make more personal story videos. Those are amazing

  6. Also if you wear the Hover boots while fighting Bongo Bongo, you don't bounce around in the arena and can place shots better ❤

  7. Why didn't you get a stamina vessel in BOTW? for the extra challenge?

  8. New challenge: 100% a set amount of 3d Zelda games in a week

  9. 6:25 theres 2 extremely easy ways to do this
    1. take out a bomb and let him roll over you – you take some damage but the bomb instantly explodes when youre hit guaranteeing the hit
    2. aim for one of the bomb flowers with a bow and shoot when he is next to it, they instantly explode guaranteeing the hit

  10. also goron race: there is some 'weird' rubberbanding going on in the race to make it both more challenging and more forgiving, so essentially: if do really well in at the start its alot harder, whereas if you just wait 3-5 extra seconds after the race has started its alot easier

  11. Majora's Mask is actually a lot better on the N64, rather than the 3DS unless you use a specifc mod which fixes a lot of issues while keeping the QoL stuff. Good video tho!

  12. In MM, you don't need the town title deed to reach the clock tower if you can take off the Deku mask. There's a ramp on the right that lets Link get close enough to the platform to jump up and grab. It' s deliberately too tall for Deku Link to reach so you have to get the deed on your first cycle.

  13. I know every of these games by heart, except for skyward sword. That would end the challenge for me 😂

  14. For TP HD, you should have went with Hero mode since is basically the Wii version but mirror and double damage to make it more of a challenge, and if you have the Ganondorf Amiibo you can make it to take quadruple damage

  15. That thumbnail on the right looks like Paper Zelda.

  16. This guy died to Dark Link 🙈
    Hammer/Din's Fire next time.

  17. Fun Fact: the reason you didn't die in 1 hit to Ganondorf in the final fight was because BotW and TotK have a system in place so that if you have full health then you can't be 1 shot. It will just bring you to 1/4 heart.

  18. 29:47 today i found out

    You can stun majoras wrath using zora link electricity

  19. Don’t lie to yourself, a goron hug would be awesome, albeit mildly painful

  20. Good job bro I’m proud of you for pushing through don’t listen to any negative comments
    Edit:Deku Nut

  21. Ill answer that one yes at the risk of your sanity

  22. amazing video! i tried doing a no hit video for all of the 3d zelda titles im having a bit of trouble tho!

  23. That game of tennis actually debuted in Link to the Past with the Agahnim fight and has shown up in a lot of other games, like the indie game Legend of the Skyfish, where the final boss, said Skyfish, makes you play tennis in order to make him vulnerable. In fact, the three bosses you fight are really annoying considering the mechanic is using a fishing rod to move about. 🙁

  24. Deku Nut. XD

    Wow, that was intense. Shows how long on content the 3D Zelda games are. I also never played Tears of the Kingdom and avoided spoilers, but since I decided I'll never play that game, I just watched this.

  25. Next challenge: can you beat all the 3d zelda games within 7 Majora's mask days?

  26. i always cheesed dark link by using the hammer and i always will 😂

  27. I did the same thing in Lanyru desert silent realm- got caught immediately after getting the last tear and had to cheese it across the quicksand without running out of stamina- absolutely the most heart pounding game experience I've ever suffered!

  28. The door code for the ancient cistern in SS is displayed around the base of the large statue in the main room.

  29. This was a great video! I hope to see more from you! Thanks for the vid!
    Deku Nut!

  30. thats quite a cool deku nut though

    deku nut

  31. 6:15 There's actually a trick to bombing Link the Goron! Arrows detonate bombs so you can wait until he's close to the bomb flowers, fire at the flowers, and voila!

  32. 28:29 You actually don't need to get the title deed another time, Link is tall enough to climb the edge of the Tower of Time platform in any form exept Deku

  33. It took me 7 years to beat mm3d because I lost the copy for 6 of those(and a half)

  34. If this video gets 50,000 likes, I'll try to beat all of the 2D Zelda games in a time limit.
    If this video gets 250,000 likes, I'll also try and 100% every 3D Zelda game in a time limit.

    Edit: I didn't understand the negative implications of using AI generated art when I posted this video with the original thumbnail, so I posted a new thumbnail for the video that's not AI generated.

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