Breath of Fire IV — Part 65 - The Way South -

Breath of Fire IV — Part 65 – The Way South

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Apparently we need to do one of three quests for knowledge of how to get south. Why can’t we just *go south?*


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  1. It's somehow satisfying seeing Cray smash giant bugs.

  2. All right let's go to the capital!You have to do a quest or 2 and then you can go.OH COME ON GAME!

  3. 1:31, I did mention a number of videos ago not to put the buildings facing each other, I've found my best setup to be:

    1 by the bench, 1 at the nearby corner but not the corner itself, 1 nearby that house but facing different direction, 2 near the fruity tree, 1 opposite those 2 on the other side of the tree, 1 in the lake and 1 in the trees by the lake

    I don't walk into houses accidentally as much like that

    *Edit:* 1:36, that's the corner I'm on about with 2 & 3, remove the one between them to match my setup with them

  4. 7:46, bad idea, go back tot the crossroad near the 1st port you visited and just steal off the enemies there, I think it was the oruchu or something similarly named that gives them

  5. 9:20, you forget that nina has weak attacks, free instant death attacks are of definite use to her

  6. 25:58, Even when I didn't cheat I don't recall cray ever doing that for me, but lol, enemy barely survives only to be crushed by cray at the end XD

  7. for the Mimics, you should try Double Strike, Target, and then use Scias last with Shining Blade, since it's a 100% hit with a 100% crit

  8. Auld, when you see a 'Power Glove', you are meant to say "I love the Power Glove… it's so bad." 😎

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