Beta Squad: Quiz of the Year -

Beta Squad: Quiz of the Year

Beta Squad
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Beta Squad go head to head in Quiz of the Year with questions about everything that happened in 2023

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Sharky: @sharky
Chunkz: @Chunkz
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Kenny: @KingKennyTV
Filly: @YungFilly
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  1. This video was rigged yall rigged nikos team fr

  2. They rigged the whole vid I feel so bad for red team

  3. Nahhhh this isn’t a fair game😮but they won anyways😏

  4. very rigged. Darkest shouldn't lead again. video had me stressed out

  5. kenny must've gave his rigging power to the other team

  6. Production should be able to afford buzzers by now😂

  7. The unfairness was so stressful, I’m happy red team won 😮‍💨

  8. Was chunkz on his period or what mate💀

  9. I Literally supported the red team..I’m glad they won 😂

  10. The lack of effort and fall off for this video is mad. Zero prep, childish team names, no buzzers, dry comedy … Content is running out for this lot and Chunkz showed here he's moved on from this

  11. Bruh this video should be called rigged 😂

  12. This was the most frustrating video i've ever watched

  13. This video was so hard to finish. Genuienly frustrating.

  14. This was rigged red team obviously takes more than 5 secs to talk n think,n they don’t even know the answer and still make the sound n then they think and say that takes more than 5 secs

  15. I’m 15 minutes in and I just wanna know what team Foot long+6 did to offend the judge😭 why’s darkest cheating against them so much, And what’s filly saying about the team losing a point😭😂 they’re literally just showing how rigged it is against them😂😂

  16. The comment section is indeed childish, are yall autistic? Even tho it was rigged, its not like those teams are fixed forever, and it was all fun and shit, this video was funny bec it was rigged, yall are taking ita bit too seriously

  17. Filly is chatting shit, of course they are kicking off. They had the ref against them!

  18. This was sooo rigged against red team 😭

  19. It’s was guess the black person ksi edition not white

  20. "it's your long distant cousin that's why" -Niko😆


  22. This was so rigged

    And ngl filly was being more sour than the Black Death

  23. darkest is so biased🤣🤣🤣🤣what am i watching!!!!

  24. What was Aj doing 😂 for the dance😂😂😂

  25. this game was more rigged than kennys fights

  26. I Love yall boys, but the hostility in this video is thick 🤣

  27. broo my birthday is on 15 july im so happy now

  28. my birthday is july fifteenth and i think i remember that

  29. stop putting filly in vids – he gets so butthurt and chunkz copies him, literally ruined sm funny moments

  30. blue team and the host sucks 👎🏻 mad respect to sharky's team ❤️

  31. Filly cheated he went on his phone before the last question

  32. This video didn't pass the vibe. Very….uncomfortable

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