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A relaxing ASMR video of me playing the racing game NFS for the Nintendo GameCube! Very relaxing tingles with whispers and controller button clicking sounds. Great way to help you fall asleep!

This video contains:
-Soothing Whispers
-Controller Sounds
-Some Mouth sounds & Lip smacking

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From Wikipedia:
Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a 2005 open-world racing video game, and the ninth installment in the Need for Speed series. Developed by EA Canada and EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts, it was released in November 2005 for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy Advance and Xbox 360. An additional version, Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0, was released in the same year for PlayStation Portable. The game focuses on street racing-oriented gameplay involving a selection of events and racing circuits found within the fictional city of Rockport, with the game’s main story involving players taking on the role of a street racer who must compete against 15 of the city’s most elite street racers to become the most wanted racer of the group, in the process seeking revenge against one of the groups who took their car and developing a feud with the city’s police department.

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  1. I've just finished my playthrough of NFS MW 05 today. The level 6 pursuit was crazy but the ending was satisfying indeed. So much better than the latest Unbound. Was curious and typed ASMR NFS and this was the 2nd result lol. I subbed!!

  2. I'm surprised that nobody has answered your genuine question in the comments. So, allow me!

    "Nos" is a brand of Nitro or, Nitrous Oxide or, N₂O. Other brands of Nitrous Oxide are Zex, Venom, NX (Nitrous Express), etc.

  3. and now asmr luigi,s mansion 2 dark moon, game and watch gallery, mario vs donkey kong gba, super smash bros brawl and super mario galaxy

  4. I grew up with the second game, this is literally my childhood.

  5. I literally just downloaded lots of music from the games soundtrack the other day too lol you got good game taste 🔥

  6. I love this a lot. Keep doing what you're doing ❤

  7. So can we be honest real quick? That this is peak need for speed. No questions asked?

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