Agrarian Skies a Hardcore Quest - Part 43 - Thaumcraft Questing & The "Squid Farm" -

Agrarian Skies a Hardcore Quest – Part 43 – Thaumcraft Questing & The “Squid Farm”

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Agrarian Skies, a modded Minecraft survival map in which we complete quest and work our way closer and closer to “The End”.

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As the sole survivor of the cataclysm you must rebuild and repopulate the planet while defeating minions of darkness that leak through from the nether realms. You must create your resources out of nothing. As the pack evolves you will need to complete quests to earn extra lives and extra rewards towards the goal of rebuilding the planet.

Mod List:
Applied Energistics – AlgorithmX2
Code Chicken Core – ChickenBones
Cofh Core – King Lemming and Zeldo
Extra Utilities – RWTema
Extrabees and Extra Trees – Binnie
ExNihilo- ErasamusCrowley
ExAquhila – Zerokyuuni
Flatsigns – Myrathi
AOBD – ganymedes01
ExtraCells – m3gafr3ak
Minetweaker -StanH
Forestry – SirSengir
Forge – Lex Manos and the Forge Team
Gravestone Mod – NightKosh
Hunger Overhaul – IguanaMan
Infernal Mobs — Atomic Stryker
Ironchest – Cpw
Magic Bees – Mysterious Ages
MineFactory Reloaded – Powercystals and Skyboy
NEI – Chicken Bones
Not Enough Keys – Mr. Okushama
Obsidiplates- Myrathi
Pam’s Harvest Craft- Matrexsvigil
Nether Ores and PowerCrystals Core – PowerCrystals and Skyboy
Redstone Arsenal – KingLemming and Zeldo
Switches – Myrathi
Thaumcraft 4 – Azanor
Thermal Expansion 3 – KingLemming and Zeldo
Bibliocraft – Nuchaz
Infinibow – Myrathi
Open Blocks – OpenMods Team
Natura and Tinker’s Construct – mDiyo
Fancy Fences – Koopinator
Blood Magic – Way of Time
Mariculture – Joshie
Jadedspawn – Minalien
IguanaTinkersTweeks – Iguanaman
REI Minimap – ReiamiyaOtaru
Journey Map -techbrew


  1. Man I now appreciate the silver wood wand I got in a reward bag. has tons of vis in it

  2. If you want lots and lots of vacus, scan a deep storage unit.
    -Also make a golden egg, It might help youuu….

  3. Hi Isac just wanted to show that I am here and btw you can put a me interface above a deep storage unit, that will help you store massive amounts of stuff

  4. No rage here… lots of snickering, but no rage. I was hoping that your jet pack was going to survive but no joy.

  5. Get well soon Isaac!

    In thaumcraft you should get the expertise things first. Theyspare you the cheatsheet and you can shiftclick to get the combined aspects.

  6. you can get aspects into your wand by having it in the inventory when killing mobs 😉

  7. once you've gone through more of the thaumcraft research, you can just right click on the aspects on the table and it'll make it, so much easier, when you get the deconstructing table, use crafting tables 😀 you get a primal everytime

  8. lol u died with ur Armor and jetpack

  9. Just recover issac i whabt the best out of you, you are doing a great job.

  10. Just recover issac i whabt the best out of you, you are doing a great job.

  11. You're such an idiot fur not trading your ft gvvhdhhsus

  12. As a common practice I always bring a chest to the nether and put at least 1 flint and steel in it for that reason >.<

  13. When an aspect is sparkling what does this mean?

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