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5.4 Was Everything We Wanted | FFXIV Shadowbringers

Grinding Gear
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After 5.3, we had some hopes for our hero returning to Eorzea. This exceeded our expectations!

0:00 – 5.4 Futures Rewritten
4:38 – Optional Dialogue
10:57 – Scion Catch Up
27:21 – Pirate’s Life
32:01 – What is That?

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  1. Whatcha cooking there Grinding Gear? Hmm… Mhmm… mmmmhmmm…

  2. okay, the reason that, yes, maelstrom did too but the story still dumps it in limsa, ul'dah has a lot of 'if you have money you have power' gridania is very much seedseer rules in peace…merwlyb literally bullied every pirate on the seas near eorzea into submission….she can bully them again into stopping killing the tempered, the other leaders don't have that power over their ppl

  3. There's one little detail about the Kobold Patriarch shooting into the ceiling that I like. The gun has two shots, and as far as I know, he keeps it after the meeting. He still has one more bullet in it for Merlwyb if she shirks the new agreements.

  4. I love your videos. A fantastic trip through FFXIV. It also makes me so very, VERY happy I went with Japanese voice acting.

  5. Garrets vaping in the thumb nail and Kyle wants none of it. Seek help Garret. JK XD.

  6. The dichotomy of their hair this video. Garrett has well conditioned flowing locks, Kyle looks like he just woke up after a 4 day bender/Wolverine cosplay

  7. I love watching you guys, but I think my favorite part is sitting here knowing what is going to happen and listening to the speculation/commentary on the story. Every time there is some I hope this happens or that doesn't, I'm glad this happened or that didn't, I wanna go there or whatever, I sit here giggling going I cant wait for the reactions when (insert future event here) happens.

  8. Hey. Scythe Damage is good. It is 2-8 where most weapons are 1-8 or less. Now its worse then most OTHER two handed weapons which makes sense because a scythe is a shit weapon not remotely made for killing humans, but 2d4 is respectable. Even useful if you happen to have something that works based on number of dice used for damage rare as that is. Katana meanwhile is 1-10 so its got less assured damage but higher potential damage(ostensibly for reason of skill literally because some asshole one day making the book said 'Katana's are cool so they should do more damage then their western variant the long sword, or the chinese equivalent the Jian' both of which are 1d8.)

  9. 28:30 Bear in mind that Limsa is the only city-state that allows (non-moogle) "beastmen" to enter the city. They trade with the qiqirn, and you can find them around Limsa. Meanwhile, the whole concept of "beast" and "spoken" races was essentially invented by Ul'dahn merchants to justify their colonial ambitions.

  10. fish wizard is a beast tribe character, step it up Kyle :p

  11. There's so much character in optional dialogue. I feel like I know the crew so much better hearing their little asides, and I enjoy Kyle getting excited about it. Let the man side dialogue 😂

  12. I did not expect to see Wilfred Mott in this video and now I'm sad. I love that man.

  13. Just a quick comment I haven't seen, though if someone else beat me to it, Kuddos for hopping on the reference. I'm actually surprised no one in your mentioned Merlwyb's gun's name, Death Penalty, is a reference to Vincent's last weapon from FF7 (Vincent used a gun as his weapon)
    This also showed up in FF7's sequel, Dirge of Cerburus, at the very end with Vincent using it again. I won't bore you with the details since you all don't play the FF games, and DoC sucked donkey balls anyway.
    TLDR: Death Penalty, Merlwyb's gun, is a reference to previous FF games

  14. I absolutely love all the theory crafting they do, right or wrong it is so much fun to see. It reminds me of when i first went through trying to figure things out. Endwalker is going to be so much fun to watch them experience.

  15. I just love that Y'shtola is becoming more and more sassy, and it really pays off to poke the dragon with her.

  16. lol….(spoilers), lol,hahahahah. I love these videos

  17. Have they done the Mecha optional content?

  18. "ohhh I like harvesting…"

    Slowly steps away from Kyle

  19. This has to be said.
    I swear this entire setup exists just so that retroactively the phrase "Yeah , we can cure tempering, when pigs fly perhaps" can have a perfect irony to it. you can literally say it to your friends who are still back in arr with glib satisfaction.

  20. If I'm remembering correctly, this patch was during the thickest parts of covid when people were finally realizing we were in for the long haul and not everyone had fully acclimated to the adjustments that necessitated. Specifically the VA's weren't in there usual setup and probably their voice director was off as well. So we may have gotten a glimpse into who benefits most from the team effort and who is a slightly more capable soloist. I say slightly because nobody comes off unaffected, everyone is a little off but some are obviously more impacted than others. Of course there are any number of other factors that could have come into play as well so by no means do I mean to judge anyone's abilities, it was a very shitty time to be a professional just about anything.

  21. It's my personal head canon that, somewhere in one of the other shards, there's a warrior of light that's just a kobold. That thought brings me endless amusement.

  22. great video as always, so excited for you guys to get to endwalker! i will be eagerly waiting for the trailer reaction after 5.5…

  23. Scythe damage may suck in D&D but they have that tasty tasty x4 crit. Perfect for your coup de grace needs. Or your occasional overpowered combo to guarantee critical hits.

  24. The editing and jokes were on point for this video. Great work!

  25. Death Penalty is the name of Vincent's gun in FF7

  26. For the Azem stuff…. just keep playing, you will learn more. =D

  27. Fun Fact about Final Fantasy: "Death Sentence" has been the name of multiple legendary guns in in the Final Fantasy series wielded by characters such as Vincent Valentine.

  28. May I please request more optional dialogue segments, I am living for the explosions and the twinning music

  29. 37:30 That's basically what they did with Dalamud and the captured dragons to generate power from Bahamut… and why the Calamity was caused by a very pissed off dragon being freed.

  30. Fandanny: blah blah Yay! Plans are proceeding! *blah blah*🥰
    Zenos: sleep
    Fandanny: Oops I might have accidentally singed your beloved friend with Lunar Bahamut's fire breath! Tee-hee~ 😝

  31. Well if you think about Azem the 14th seat has more combat experience than the rest except maybe Emet. So it kind of makes sense that Azem's overall battle IQ would be through the roof on top of him being versed well enough in different fields.

  32. I think you'll enjoy how things play out.

  33. The towers are Fandaniel's nefarious plot to ruin everyone's gposes while they wait for the next expansion to come out. Can't even take scenic screenshots in old zones without potential spoilers.

  34. Can I just say that this might be your best edited video yet? There are so many gags and edits for us tiktok-attention span viewers its great. LOL

  35. -Well…
    Pushes up glasses.
    -Both in dnd 3.5 and pathfinder 1e the scythe as a weapon while not massive base damage it was infamous due to being the only weapon with X4 multiplayer to critical damage. The most devastating weapon if you're able to make the enemy even temporarily helpless.

  36. Yep, you guys have gone too far to turn back now. Love the discussion, can not wait to see you guys get your answers!

  37. I'm so glad you guys included the optional dialogue from Urianger. I haven't seen that and, considering that as soon as Azem's name came up, I started speculating, it's nice to see the writers are clearly considering that.
    Also, you guys should hear Ga Bu's japanese voice over. He has the cutest voice and inflections.

  38. So I tried to look through the comments to look for this, but if you need to remember the name Amon, run Sycrus Tower (Crystal tower raid 2)

  39. 6:25 Remember when Emet first talked about the sundering in the Qitana Ravel? How "no one could really remember it, except in song, and scripture, and paint"? My guess is that after the sundering the fragmented people still had vague memories of some powerful sun-themed being who helped them out and protected him and, no longer remembering he was an actual person, decided to create deities based on what little they could remember.

    13:17 "I was waiting for the moment where the piano that Kyle hates starts playing." lol

    17:32 That is a "Twelve give me strength to not throttle Kyle" moment from Garrett.

    24:08 JC is absolutely loving this. THIS is what we live for as emotional vampires of FF14. Seeing someone who doesn't know cooking. And whether they're right, half right, or dead wrong we feed.

    25:55 I loved this part. I was reminded of back in ARR when Y'shtola called out Merlwyb on her treatment of the kobolds and she wrote if off with "My people first, then the Alliance, screw everyone else" moment that made her look pretty callous.

    30:08 Death Penalty and Annihilator were high level weapons from previous FF games. Like the best you could have for a job in a game.

    44:05 "You're such a nerd." Said with such affection and love.

  40. A good DM will work with you if you want to wield a scythe as a primary weapon, the rules-as-written are just guidelines always!

  41. To be fair to the scythe, you're only losing 0.5 damage on average with a 2d4 compared to the longsword's 1d10 and a scythe is an agricultural tool whereas a longsword is a weapon made for war. If it were me, I'd be happier about not being able to roll a 1 for damage while also having good flavor (also the damage can easily be fixed with homebrew or even just a magical weapon).

  42. i cannot wait for these two to get to Endwalker, 9 more quests to go lets see their reactions.

  43. Just to be the biggest weeb, but the weird voice thingy with Cid is not a thing in the Japanese version. It's honestly really interesting seeing the differences between the two versions from a performance standpoint.

  44. To be fair, a scythe is a x4 crit while a katana is only x2!

  45. Anyone else glad there's no live chat for this video? I think I'd have a very hard time not using certain emotes at a specific point in their… discussion.

  46. 7:10 You have to remember that we on the source are stronger than anyone else on the other shards. Every shard that has been rejoined has it's power dumped back into the Source. We as the WoL are even more powerful because we have an extra piece from Adbert and we're also the sundered member of the convocation.

  47. Fun fact! Death Penalty is a recurring gun name for the best gun you can get in various FF games, kinda like how Excalibur or Ultima Weapons usually are for other weapon types. Meaning Merlwyb literally has the best gun in all of FFXIV.

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