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$300 Squid Game in VR!

Diamond VR
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Squid Game in VR Challenge with $300 Prize! The winner of Rec Room gets a New Meta Oculus Quest 2.

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Rec Room Squid game by @BearDaBear



  1. Umm which game is that if I may ask since I’m new to the VR world

  2. Thanks for having me in he video! I can't believe I got out in the first challenge haha

  3. My dream is heave a vr but i don't heave pc to participate 😔

  4. I wish I had a oculus quest but I am poor but love the vid

  5. Amazing editing! Why didn't this come up in my YouTube recommended sooner? (I clicked on it from your Discord channel)

  6. It was so fun being there because I saw all of those things happen! No fake content in this video!

  7. can i please have a vr headset my brother got one but he wont let me use it anymore

  8. This man makes great content he is underrated love your vid keep up the great work

  9. Idk if you remember me but I was here when you were at like 1000 subs

  10. Bro so good edit I wish I could play that game but I don’t have a oculus

  11. On the quest 2 my controler loses tracking everytime I'm not looking at it and has a pop up saying something like (controler disconnected press any button to wake up) does anyone know how to fix

  12. Hey, creator of the room here, Thank you so much diamond for playing our SquidGame map and actually crediting us in the description x) hope you enjoyed it!

  13. Why aren’t you posting? Where did you go bro

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