$25 is all you need! "Triple Lux" Roulette Strategy - squidgame.quest

$25 is all you need! “Triple Lux” Roulette Strategy

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  1. Yoooooooo that is Stardew valley soundtrack in the background.

  2. David's ability to shamelessly throw in a plug or zinger… like a 50s car salesman. a long lost art of the deal is living in David. keep it up buddy!

  3. When you are on step 3, you should also bet on whatever dozen you are marking for more money if you hit. I did it this way with practice systems and increased my pot from 50k to over 500k

  4. It sounds like Payoli. You win, you double up, up to 3 or 4 times. Then start from the beginning. You do not double up a loss, you just go with your original bet.

  5. Total rubbish m8! Do your maths. 1 in 2 times you hit first leg, once hitting first leg you have a 6 in 10 chance of hitting. Then 3rd leg will hit 1 in 3 times. Over time you lose!!!!!!!!

  6. Another stupid deluded system and to call it a system is a joke

  7. First 3 hands and I won 12x the unit. Guess it’s a pretty good system…

  8. You know what's so funny not only you two but I don't get to believe you at all because I can't see the ball nor the wheel myself so I got to call this bogus

  9. I think it is impossible for David to get through a video without one single sexual inuendo. It seems like that's the only thing on his mind. I'm here for the clickbait not your dirty mind.

  10. Best strategy put 10 on a number and let it ride 20 times and you're a millionaire 😉

  11. Problem with this is you have to win 3x in a row

  12. It's not a system if you keep changing it while playing !

  13. alex you need to get rid of the mouthpiece or tape his mouth.

  14. How do you win $275? Seems the early win hit the Max and it was $185.
    Please explain which bet makes $275?

  15. If the numbers at the bottom of the screen were colored that'd be awesome

  16. I'd personally still keep a quarter on the other 2 12s 🤷🏾‍♂️ makes your net smaller but ensures you're recovering your loss if you miss on your inside play

  17. just lost everything in my bank account tonight

  18. I played this system today with $5 and $1 to try it out. LOVE IT!! My low point was about $40 down and my high point was $75 up. Finished at $50 up after an hour. 1 modification I would make is stay on level 3 till you lose before going back to step 1.

  19. It’s almost funny how bad this strategy is, but sad that people might do this

  20. The chance of hitting red or black is about 40% so out of 10 bets you will be lucky you get 4 chances to proceed to step 2, your chance of then winning the second bet is even lower, bottom line you would be lucky to get the 3rd bet down before you run out of money

  21. david you are trying so hard to be funny and you're just an ass. You single handedly make me want to never watch this channel again. Alex you rock

  22. It is better to play the winning dozen, by winning ofcourse

  23. would you ever bet a section like 19 22 25 28 or is their more risk in doing this or is it the same. I think I know the answer but I really dont know everything.

  24. -“This is a sure fire way to win roulette”
    -Continues to lose on roulette

  25. Call me crazy, but I kept counting that win at 6 minutes as, 145.
    40 on the corners at 8:1
    55 on the street at 11:1
    25×2 on the double street a 5:1

    Where am I going wrong?

  26. Check my math, but I believe parlaying these 3 bets only has about an 11% chance of hitting.

  27. You can also do the same thing at a $5 table (if you can find one).

  28. Im so glad im only investing $25, might have lost 10 times in a row but im only investing $25 a time so its ok

  29. 😂😂😂😂😂 clickbait for casinos 😅😅😅😅😂😂

  30. What about the casinos that have a max bet if 25$ I live in ND and there all max of 25$ at any time e

  31. European wheel. 5 units per double street bet, 5 of those bets, skip the 19-21 street, skip the 28-30 street. Straight bets at 0, 19, 28, 29, 30.

    You push on the double street bets, but those pushes make your straight bets free. Odds are 94.6% in your favor with a 20% profit if you hit one of the 5.

    The 2 wacks are as far away from each other as possible. The only thing i dont like about this strategy is that the 20 seems to be hot. Like every time I have ever played 20 seems to regularly come out.

  32. Play with real money..the whole concept changes..go home broke.

  33. Personally I would place one even number bet. If it wins mark up a section. If that hits start over with one even number bet. If it loses I walk away even.

  34. The stardew valley music was unexpected 😂😂

  35. The math on this sucks. First, all the "flair" at the 3rd level disguises it is nothing more than a $15 avg bet on that dozen. Noting that successive probabilities multiply, your chances of winning all 3 steps in 0/00 are .4738 x .6326 x .3158 = 9.448%. Over 100 spins, statistically, 9.448% x $30 = $283 in wins vs 90.552% x -$5 = -$452 in losses. YMMV. There are other systems with lower loss rates.

  36. How much cocaine do you give this guy before you record ?? 😂😂

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