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15 SINGLE PLAYER GAMES With Dark Openings We Totally Didn’t Deserve

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Gaming has evolved a lot since the days of family-friendly platformers jumping through obstacles to save a princess in distress, and the medium encompasses a broad range of stories that all stretch over a ton of different emotional tangents. Some can be light-hearted journeys, while others can be intentionally dark and depressing.

We will be taking a look at the latter types of stories with this feature, specifically the ones that start out dark. To that end, here are 15 dark openings in video games.


  1. The beginning of mass effect 3 is rough.

  2. Control is the SCP game we know we deserve

  3. I think Phantom Pain takes the cake with the darkest opening.

  4. Ahti is only a mystery if you dig too hard.. He is the janitor, he helps keep things clean.

  5. Last Of Us is my favorite game opening, just amazing. It had me on the edge of my seat.

  6. Amazing list, makes me want to replay a few games

  7. Hellblade is such a great game. I'm so ready for the second game

  8. Max Payne and for modern games TLOU2 are the most depressing game openings of all times for me.

  9. SWKOTOR 2 was a pretty dark opening between the tutorial where you control a droid to fix what it can on the ebon hawk long enough to get away from the harbinger with darth sion on it only to end up in a mining colony that goes eerily quiet with all the miners killed while your asleep and hostile droid everywhere and a eerie ost plays

  10. so we just gonna ignore visage huh the game starts by a man litteraly executing his family but yk metal gear😭

  11. Yeah. Let's make a video about dark opening but not add farcry3 or farcry5. Heck AC Valhalla has a better dark opening than most these games(god of war). Seriously please do some proper research. These games absolutely should have been on this list and it's not even about preference at all. These games deserve that much respect.

  12. (3 full ad breaks- lame!!!)
    nice that fallout 4 is on the list…
    it is still a huge pity mgs5 wasn't finished, it most definitely still gets played but that lingering bitter taste of 'if only' still sits solid…
    (lost count of give away plots to afew unplayed games here, thanks dude)👋

  13. Metal Gear Solid 5 opening scene is amazing. its like a movie.


  15. Though it's probably been featured in lists like this ad nauseam I'm surprised No Russian didn't make the cut or alternatively the opening of Black Ops 2 depicting the fate of Menendez's sister. This game came out before TLOU so it was truly the 1st game to show something terrible happen to a child in the opening gameplay segment

  16. You said he 'when your Partners killed but that was a women lol just saying

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