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15 NEW GRAPHICALLY STUNNING Horror Games In Unreal Engine 5

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Epic’s real-time 3D creation tool Unreal Engine is now up to version 5.2, and with it a capability for developers to harness tactile film quality textures, dynamic global lighting, and realistic facial animations – all vital ingredients for immersive, terrifying horror experiences.

Here’s a rundown of 15 nerve-shredding horror games currently in development in Unreal Engine 5.


  1. 2:30 Oh, holy cow, for a second I thought that was footage of real life locations that inspired the game or something. Unreal Engine 5 is insane

  2. I’m old enough to remember being wowed by the graphics of unreal 3 with gears of war 1-3 back on the 360

  3. x_o You guys know that the fog of the silent hill were used to help with the process of loading on the ps1 right?

  4. I hope at least 1 or 2 of them come out and are good. I love horror games❤

  5. Bout time they start cranking out horror games. I been residing to going back to the real horror games . Ps2 classics

  6. Is it me or do most of these games look similar?

  7. Layers of fear looks like unreal engine 4

  8. Man just imagine FEAR getting a remake with Unreal Engine 5 in it

  9. Unreal Engine is actually now at version 5.3. It is literarly a video game-changer.

  10. Thats cool, wheres FEAR 4 and condemned 3

  11. Whoever wrote the script for this video apparently doesn't know what "happenstance," "visceral" or "docile" mean.

  12. Wronged Us looks like its being played on the Dreamcast

  13. Only trailers :)) none of them will be released

  14. Many of these dont look like theyre made in unreal 5

  15. We're ALREADY getting a new Layers of Fear? I'm still waiting for Layers of Fear 2 to come down in price to like $5. (I got the masterpiece edition of Layers of Fear (2016) for $5. Great game. Excited for when I can afford the next games in it.)

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