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10 Years of Mario’s Quest Scenery – Behind the Plushes

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It’s 10 years since Mario’s Quest released, and now, never-before-seen footage is being released to you, filmed back in 2012!

Watch how we put together the scenery for each part of the series, including the sand in the desert, the moving train, and the spooky ghost house. There are also some clips we cut from the final version, like Wario’s cactus encounter!

Access my main series playlist here:


Subtitles are available to translate into any language, by clicking the captions button beneath the video.

This video is aimed at a general audience: the Mario fanbase. Plot, characters & sounds are not aimed at kids; they all reference Mario games. Plushes are my substitute for animation; there is no “playing” with them.

Music is the same as in the individual parts of Mario’s Quest; view those parts to see the list:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:


  1. It’s nice to look back on a series I watch during my childhood 😊

  2. Wow 10 years since Mario quest part 1 was release keep up with the good work man (Mario fall of the window)

  3. When I first watched this as a kid all those years ago, I was invested in every episode as it was the Mario TV show I always wanted at the time. As an adult I appreciate it very much as a passion project. Happy ten years to Mario's Quest!

  4. I remember 10 years ago watching the videos and this realy makes me happy watching it all again. 🙂 i realy love your videos!

  5. 13:26 R.I.P. background scenery.

    Anyway, onto real matters, now I know the hardness difficulty of you and your sister making these videos and the props that you two use.
    That's… really hard to pull off, but you seemed to have fun doing some scenes at certain times (seeing as I heard laughter but I could be mistaken).
    The Quest series looks like its the hardest though, so I know we're not getting a fourth Quest series.

    Now if I had to pick a favorite scene in Mario's Quest, I guess it would be the Goombas Boss Fight in part 2.
    I don't know why, but I just like that for some reason.

    I would like to see a fourth Among Us video, but of course, I don't decide this, and would be hard to make, seeing as there were 8 different endings in the third video, and takes a lot of work and time.

    But I'll be looking forward to the next video!
    …If there is a next video…

  6. I like this videos because when i was a child i love mario and the plushes this was my childhood

  7. Wow this was so cool to finally see! All these effects, and the entire series, was WAYY ahead of its time! What an absolute masterpriece, im so excited to see what goomzilla has to offer next!

  8. I love a good behind the scenes video! 👍😊

  9. seeing all these behind the scenery areas with the sets, backgrounds, all the little filming secrets, and the overall fun that was had while filming just warms my heart. the craftsmanship and attention to details really do make these series one of a kinds. especially mario's quest, probably one of the greatest youtube gems ever.

  10. Are you filming part 3 in your bedroom?

  11. you inspired me so much when I was a kid! Hope you're doing great and GREAT VID!

  12. This video is great! I'd love to see more behind the scenes videos in the future.

  13. This was such a treat, thanks for making this.

  14. My favourite part will always be the 3rd one in the dessert

  15. You guys were my childhood thanks for the behind the scenes you guys are the best keep it up 👍💖😁

  16. I think part of the set being the house gave it some charm

  17. Reminds me a lot of how Yoshi's Crafted World does it's backgrounds and I love it.

  18. I loved this series. I watched this when I was little and I find this video interesting to learn about how you make the scenes.

  19. Honestly practical props are a lot cooler then photoshop, so seeing the amount of effort is awesome!

  20. Well I have multiple favorite scenes when Of them is when Yoshi came with the final star and saved everyone that was turned to stone Yoshi was one of my favorite characters to play in the games after that.

  21. This is just so cool to see, your videos were a huge part of my Early years on YouTube that I could call them nostalgic and my childhood. So seeing this newly found stuff about that old series is amazing to me!

  22. This was a fun watch! My favorite part had to be the Blooper with peach and the light

  23. Bro literally my childhood right here. Oh my goodness

  24. I loved this series. As a kid, I would make my own plush Mario adventure videos trying to imitate the goomzilla style. This is where I found my love for plushies and hand sewing. I don't think I would ever have picked up the hobby if it wasn't for your videos. Thank you, goomzilla.

  25. This must have been hard to make a long time to make I love your videos and six to seven years ago I used to watch your videos all the time randomly got this in my recommended on my newly out after I watch the series like you're no good cuz it's my tradition I watch it every couple months hopefully your channel doesn't get tooken down like SML cuz now I hate SML cuz I learned they were inappropriate but it seems like this channel is all family friendly fun

  26. I've been watching this when I was very young and admire your work that I want to do the same, it's just that i don't know how to make a story line.

  27. You were the first YouTuber I ever saw. I remember when A day in the Life of Mario came out, and I instantly fell in love with this channel. Every video that came out, my dad would give me my iPad so I could see it.

    You are the only plush YouTuber that still manages to entertain me every time and every old video has great replay value. You will always hold a special place in my heart!

    Happy tenth anniversary to Mario’s Quest! One of the best YouTube sagas ever made! (And will Prolly be better film than the Mario Movie)

    (Fun fact: The once episode where the board the Paper Mario TYD train is the video that made love Toads so much. Toads are still my favorite Mario Characters.)

  28. Please remake Luigi’s Quest! It was an awesome series!

  29. I like how you and your sister managed to bring scenes to life using toys, crafts, and plushies to make a great Mario series! This is awesome!

    I love your work bringing Mario characters to life, and I am really looking forward to seeing new videos coming soon!

  30. Haaaaaaaaaaa good times… I remember this saga as part of my Childhood.

  31. Honestly this series was better made than most Ben Shapiro films

    Nah but fr tho this is a genuinely good series and even with the bonus of it being my favorite childhood show I used to watch on bing. I loved this series and it's still one of my favorite ones on the internet to this day! You are incredible and extremely talented and good at what you do. I'm so glad I rediscovered you!

  32. Goomzilla read this: Can you make a Marilyn (TTYD) plush?

  33. My favorite moment is luigy mansion épisode

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