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1.6 Showcase | Festivals, Events, Quests in Stardew Valley Update

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Here is my first look / recap on the new events and festivals around the valley (and in Calico Desert). Here is what to expect for all the new activities.
I will likely do a more in depth guide on the festivals later once I do a 1.6 fresh playthrough. If you are liking the 1.6 content make sure to subscribe because my next video the BALANCE CHANGES showcase is going to be amazing!

0:00 Intro
0:24 Desert Festival Synopsis
1:54 Desert Festival Activities
5:36 Skull Cavern Activity
6:53 Bookseller
8:03 Green Rain Event
9:20 Trout Derby
10:08 Racoon House/Shop
11:09 Squid Fest
11:52 Existing Festival Changes


  1. NOTE: MIDDLE OPTION IS NOT ALWAYS CORRECT. Thanks for the misinformation.

  2. I was waiting for you to talk about the Spirits Eve Festival because the maze is different and I couldn't figure it out 🙁

  3. GamerGar did a 100 days 1.6 video where he got the year 1 Desert Festival via Joja

  4. im so glad they added more fishing holidays!! as someone who kinda avoids fishing, I'm glad its getting some buffs so I have an excuse to try and get better at it lol

  5. Got Desert festival year one easy 😊 Tip – abuse Fishing 😉 Did it with Joja route but I believe that it is possible with CC – I just made the mistake to pick mixed bundle that run 😅

  6. Something to note that happened to me today; When the green rain comes in summer, It can make you miss the Queen of Sauce recipe if it happens on a recipe day. Luckily you can catch it on a re-run day or buy the new Queen of Sauce book, but I still found it a bit of a bugger that the rain caused me to miss a recipe.

  7. You know annoying part of new festival? The dessert calico festivals had same date with salmonberry season

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