🔴Squid Makes a Quest Lodge in Minecraft Shady Oaks SMP! - squidgame.quest

🔴Squid Makes a Quest Lodge in Minecraft Shady Oaks SMP!

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Today we check out Squids Kraken for the first time and checkout the updates Dan has made. We also continue working on my bakery!
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  1. It's crazy to think a little over a year later Cupquake and Red have a baby

  2. Happy Valentine's Day Tiffy! Love u. Love from México. 💖 🇲🇽

  3. Hiiii I am a BIG fan 😊 . And by the way your bakery/ house is beautiful and cute. Oh yeah I forgot happy Valentine's Day 💗

  4. Hi Tiffy! Are you still going to play little Nightmares 2 on this channel? 🙂

  5. Happy v day tiff so glad you are enjoying Shady Oaks and keep up the great work luv u❤️❤️

  6. 5:10 is actually so funny 😂 I loved tiff’s response 😂💜

  7. happy v day yada yada… did the interior decorating bother anyone else.. or just me 😭 tiff u can make ovens by placing a fireplace directly under a smoker to make it look like something is baking, and can make some nice tables with the pistons

  8. An iron golem would be so cool for your bakery to keep the mobs away

  9. Tiff, you need to find a jungle biome to get cocoa beans

  10. do you still plan on playing little nightmares II? i remember watching you play the first one and i really hope you get around to playing it!

  11. 1:19:06– maybe like tarot card reading? you write the name of the card in books, put them in item frames and they choose the cards, but you get them so that you can read it for them and stuff

  12. its sad stamps wont join but if he did he would have his own country in the smp XDD

  13. Tiff should call the bakery Bakes and Brews and sell potions and have a farm behind her bakery where she gets wheat and makes cakes and breads ❤️

  14. She should call it B&B, bakery& Brewery

  15. hello miss cupquake? if i may suggest in you dungeon i think you should make it the doggie dungeon and it could be where the more serious or expensive purchases go down you know? i don’t know i thought it was cute

  16. or like a doggie donut shop or something i don’t know your choice i thought it was cute thanks for taking my ideas into consideration 🥺

  17. I’m so enjoying this series, thanks for uploading it to YT!!🥰

  18. you should make a collab video with aphmau and her crew visiting your minecraft server her see if you could go visit hers someday

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